Homework assignment: Bookscan

Perhaps the biggest thing to happen while we were away was this wholescale lid-ripping by Brian Hibbs who gets hold of the Bookscan graphic novelssales chart for all of 2007 and analyses the top 750 items. We’ve seen Dirk’s response, and a briefer analysis by Tom Spurgeon, but we’re still digesting the numbers and don’t […]


Last Friday Freakangels the new webcomic by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield debuted. It’s a steampunk tale of 12 specially powered 20-somethings that will appear in weekly installments of 6 pages. Ellis has already written several hundred pages, so hopefully Duffield is up to the task. More in this brief interview with Ellis. Technorati Tags: […]

Behind the curtain: Rogue Wolf

Heads turned last week when it was revealed that webcomics packager Rogue Wolf had purchased Cold Cut Distribution. As the only other distribution option to Diamond for the direct sales market, Cold Cut has a small but potentially important role to play in carrying items that Diamond doesn’t stock or restock. Todd Allen learns a […]

Randy Chang/Bodega Part 1

Kristy Valenti at comiXology continues her essential series of interviews and profiles. This one with Randy Chang of Bodega proves that you can hang in the bar with a guy a dozen times and still learn more about him from a well written profile: […]Chang and Ralph had connected at the Highwater table at SPX: […]

Comics Comics Cage Match: Heavy Liquid

The Comics Comics gang has a tag-team critical reassessment of Paul Pope’s Heavy Liquid from 1999-2000: Pow! Dan Nadel: So, when I note that I like Paul Pope as an action cartoonist I mean I like him in a utilitarian way — like, I wish he’d drawn Batman for 20 years. I like him in […]

Landis on Gaines

Variety reports a frequently reported on comics-related biopic has acquired a director. John Landis will make Ghoulishly Yours, a biography of EC/Mad publisher William M. Gaines: Pic’s centered on an anti-establishment group of artists and writers, led by a reluctant Gaines and cohort Al Feldstein, as they produce their comicbooks. At the peak of his […]


Back online, a little sunburned and keeping more normal hours, which should be the entire point of a vacation. Thanks as always to Mark Coale for keeping an eye on things while we were away. We’re sorry we couldn’t give you more of a blow by blow account of our weekend, but the internet connection […]