200802181450Kristy Valenti at comiXology continues her essential series of interviews and profiles. This one with Randy Chang of Bodega proves that you can hang in the bar with a guy a dozen times and still learn more about him from a well written profile:

[…]Chang and Ralph had connected at the Highwater table at SPX: when Ralph began publishing Daybreak — the story of a one-armed survivor of a zombie holocaust — online, Chang made inquiries as to publishing it. Bodega’s flagship titles were well received: particularly Mourning Star, as it earned Strzepek an Eisner nomination and an Ignatz award. Chang acknowledged the award nominations “generated a lot of interest for the book that it probably otherwise wouldn’t have, for readers that don’t go to the shows and foreign publishers. But really what it’s changed is it’s made things easier for my parents. Before they would always tell their friends they didn’t really know what I was up to, some crazy comic-book thing. Now they can say ‘our son Randy is an AWARD-WINNING publisher,’ which makes them happy and which means less grief for me.”