Jim Lee at SciFi City

Normally The Beat doesn’t promote a lot of store signings, but we have to make an exception for next weekend’s Jim Lee mega-signing at Sci-Fi City in Orlando. JIm will be signing Saturday Feb 16th from 1PM-6PM at Sci-Fi City , 6006 E.Colonial Drive. Owner Steve Henderlong assures us this is going to be a […]

Don’t move Comic-con to Vegas!

Okay just one more posting for San Diego Hotel week. And then we’re done. But it had to be said: the idea of moving the con to Las Vegas is right up there in the Hall of Fame for Lame, Hare-Brained Ideas. Anyone who for one moment seriously espouses it is a dingbat. We say […]

To do tonight NYC: Molly Crabappale

: Arena Studios presents… Demimonde: The Art of Molly Crabapple curated by Audacia Ray on Friday, February 8th, from 7-10 pm Work hangs from February 8 to April 4 @ Arena Studios 407 Broome St, Suite 7A In the 19th century, the term “Demimonde” referred to the world of the theatre, of bohemia and of […]

Stars of ’08: Lynda Barry

Of all the events of the coming year, nothing excites us more than the return of Lynda Barry. Surely on the shortlist of the best writers ever in the comics format, Barry has created a body of work unparalleled for its subtlety and perception of the doubts and triumphs of adolescence. An early adapter of […]

Mayo: “Sales Advances & Declines”

Over at CBR, John Mayo does a monthly sales analysis which charts the ups and downs of sales trends. His report on the December figures cuts right to the chase: A friend of mine is planning on opening up a comic book store in the near future and we had a recent exchange on the […]

The cross-cultural appeal of Frank Miller

Spanish indie cartooner Pepo (El Vecino)is a regular Beat tipster, and also one of Spain’s indispensable bloggers with his Con C de Arte blog. He dropped us a note to alert us to a couple of odd European uses of Frank Miller iconography. One is a Sin City-esque ad for a Spanish TV show called […]

Nerds and dating

Found whilst surfing today, a site called OtakuBooty. OtakuBooty is open to everybody. Anybody can browse the profiles, and find out about other single otaku. Registered members get extra benefits like being able to post their own profiles for the world to see. Becoming a member is cheap and easy, just like Shilarva’s mom. Related: […]