Quebecor World update

As reported yesterday, Quebecor World, printer of most North American comics periodicals, has filed for bankruptcy in both US and Canadian Courts. Jim Milliot at PW writes: According to the company, as part of the filing, it has reached financing commitments with Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley for $1 billion in new financing that will […]

%#$& you, AOL

UPDATE: Hey everyone I do have a Gmail account and use that 95% of the time. I also have Yahoo, Hotmail and what ever else there is. Please take all this energy you have to help me and use it to shoot scud missiles at AOL headquarters. This morning discovered I have a backlog of […]

Angoulême Prize nominees

We’d been looking around for a list of this year’s Angoulëme Prize nominees, but no such list seems to exist in English save this as-always excellent article by Bart Beatty commenting at the list of nominees. Beatty explains that this year’s winner be be drawn from a list of 50 notable books. You can see […]

ComicSpace hiring

Joey Manley writes: ComicSpace, LLC is looking for a full time PHP/MySQL guru. You must have a plethora of knowledge, experience, talent and (most importantly) imagination. Unix/Javascript/AJAX/CSS proficiency will make our eyes bulge out of our heads. If you’re also an avid reader of comics, we’ll probably start giggling with delight. You must live within […]


§ If you are a friend of Bob Greenberger, you will probably want to read this. § Warners reacts to Heath Ledger’s death. § What WILL Matt Maxwell do? One very small self publisher ponders the realiies of today’s market. Let’s be real. I’m a new publisher, with a first book and not a ton […]

More on the DaHeidi Code

Okay I can’t resist posting another one of my old comics cycle sheets; this one two sided and from 1984. This is interesting for several reasons. For one, by now I was now writing about comics, so I was a “pro” of sorts. For another, as opposed to the Marvel hegemony of the chart from […]

That is all

NP: Ultra from the album “Nihil” by K.M.F.D.M. By the way, Brute, aka Aidan Hughes, has a blog believe it or not. On his blog, he posted this old LIFE magazine cover. Do you see how it all fits together now? Today’s renovations uncovered an electrical outlet in the bedroom we didn’t know we had!