Reynolds and PItzer interviews

The Spurge–or at least his website–is up and at ’em again! His holiday interview series continues today with Eric Reynolds, publicity maven and so much more at Fantagraphics. (And Tom is right; Eric is just about the most universally liked guy in indie comics.) I think there’s tons of stuff I could do better. I […]

Stars of ’08: Dash Shaw

With THE BOTTOMLESS BELLY BUTTON a 720-page graphic novel coming out later this year (from Fantagraphics), stories in MOME and Marvel Comics, and the online serialization of his new comic Body World busting across the blogosphere this week, Dash Shaw is set to break out big time in 2008. Mixing themes of botany and anatomy […]


Here’s an early must-have spotted at the PictureBox website: A fantastic new publication by old pal Mike Reddy (and Comics Comics designer, not to mention Ganzfeld contributor) and cohorts The Fiery Furnaces. This is the illustrated lyrics for the Furnaces record Blueberry Boat. Reddy created over a dozen beautiful illustrations to accompany the lyrics (printed […]

MAC cartoon makeup

MAC cosmetics, a brand near and dear to The Beat, is collaborating with Parisian grafitti artist FAFI, and the resulting theme has a very comical bent. More art in the link. The limited edition shades goes on sales in February; we’re especially artial to that shimmering fuschia, although it’s so 80s. Spotted via vinyldolly.

Sometimes Valerie says it all

Spidey is now single, and the big question is now: And who is that mysterious new superheroine with the great butt? Martha Thomases also has interesting things to say today. More Brand New Spidey at MySpace

Warmouth joins Devil’s Due

PR: Devil’s Due Publishing proudly announces the addition of Brian Warmoth to its Chicago office as the company’s new Marketing Manager. In a year of major growth for DDP, Warmoth will handle marketing and publicity for Devil’s Due’s swelling catalogue of titles, including Mark Powers’ epic sci-fi series Drafted, Stefan Hutchinson and Tim Seeley’s Halloween: […]

Routh goes South as Supes?

Latino Review takes yesterday’s Anne Thompson story and spins it into confirmation that Brandon Routh won’t be returning as the Man of Steel: Kelvin knew about Brandon not being the new Superman for weeks and weeks now, but made a promise to the DC people that he wouldn’t break the story. Variety has now confirmed […]