Herb Trimpe on !

[Thanks, Kurt!]


  1. Well, that was fast…!

    Glad to see Happy Herb back, and that’s some nice-looking art there. Clear, crisp, well-laid-out storytelling, nice atmosphere, and the man knows how to draw a rattan chair.


  2. Good to see new Herb Trimpe artwork! He’s a great guy who I don’t think gets enough kudos for old stuff. Outside of Erik Larsen, I’ve never heard him mentioned by another pro.

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  4. Over the years I’ve heard many respected artists cite Herb Trimpe as a major influence. His run on INCREDIBLE HULK is probably my favorite of that entire series. And I really like this new work.

    Is it just me, or does clicking “next page” with Dark Horse’s viewer put you immediately at the bottom of said next page?