Levitz on Mass Market

Newsarama holds its annual powwow with DC publisher Paul Levitz. The whole thing is worth reading, especially for its status report on DC’s sales in various channels, but here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite: NRAMA: As you said, DC is seeing good penetration into the bookstore market, but obviously, there’s still room for growth, […]

Which beloved Marvel character is getting killed today?

Word on the street — aka Marvel’s website— reveals that one of their once or twice yearly “creative summits” is taking place. It’s at these conclaves that Civil War was hatched, Cap was killed, and Spidey’s marriage was annulled. This time out participants include Ed Brubaker, Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb, Allan Heinberg, Greg Pak, […]

GRAVEL minisite launches

Warren Ellis points us to a new site for GRAVEL his upcoming book from Avatar. The book is co-written by Mike Wolfer and art is by Raulo Caceres. who also drew the well-received CRECY. GRAVEL features the combat magician Sgt. Major William Gravel in his own monthly series, beginning with the specially priced #0 issue […]

Two from the Village Voice

#1: A Year in Comics and Graphic Novels by R.C. Baker sums up the year with a nicely diverse list: Comics. They began more than a century ago as a circulation booster during Hearst and Pulitzer’s newspaper wars. But with an ever-refreshing youth demographic, they remain eternally hip and popular. How best to sort through […]

Marchetto blogs for Health Central

PR: The HealthCentral Network, Inc. (www.HealthCentral.com) today announced that cancer survivor and fashionista cartoonist Marisa Acocella Marchetto (The New Yorker, Glamour) has joined MyBreastCancerNetwork.com as an expert. Author of the acclaimed graphic novel Cancer Vixen, Acocella Marchetto will write and illustrate a weekly cartoon blog for the site that chronicles her life as a breast […]

Neil Marks joins Virgin

Virgin Comics has a new marketing director: Neil Marks has been named Marketing Director of Virgin Comics, it was announced today by Larry Lieberman, Virgin Comics’ Chief Marketing Officer to whom he reports. In his new role, Marks will work closely with Lieberman in overseeing brand marketing initiatives for Virgin Comics, inclusive of driving sales […]