Word on the street — aka Marvel’s website— reveals that one of their once or twice yearly “creative summits” is taking place. It’s at these conclaves that Civil War was hatched, Cap was killed, and Spidey’s marriage was annulled. This time out participants include Ed Brubaker, Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb, Allan Heinberg, Greg Pak, Dan Slott, Matt Fraction and the entire Marvel editorial staff led by Joe Quesada. We said hi to Bendis!, Fraction and the Brub at last nights Comics Book Club One Year anniversary show, and they assured us they didn’t want to kill anyone. It isn’t like that, they said. But then we read this at the Marvel website:

As Brian Bendis laid out his plans for the final phase of 2008’s massive Secret Invasion crossover—first phase coming your way in just a few short months!—one thing became clear: once again, the Avengers will never be the same following Skrull-a-palooza (his words). Bendis’ proposals for the Avengers in general and a certain Iron Avenger in particular, kicked off the most spirited debates of the day, as everybody seemed to have an opinion of where the Avengers should end up—well, where those who survive war with the Skrulls will end up. 2007 saw the death of Captain America—will another Avengers cornerstone fall in 2008? Things are getting pretty intense…

See! We told you! Nothing will be the same. NOTHING.

PS: The aforementioned Comic Book Club included not only comics luminaries Brubaker, Fraction and Bendis, but Bill Hader and Seth Meyers from SNL and many funny movies you may have seen. Hader and Meyer are both comics readers, and they described various comics/nerd centric sketches that hadn’t made it past dress on SNL, including one in which Hader as Peter Falk showed Natalie Portman how to be a tauntaun. Let’s just say it was a very amusing evening and congats to Alex, Justin, Pete and Booth Man for a whole year of merriment.

[The above is a grainy phone cam shot from the show. Sorry we didn’t do better but…you know, it’s the holidays!]


  1. I betcha the biggest fight was over whether Iron Man was really a Skrull or not. Being a Skrull would explain him being a prick and all lately. Plus it was recently revealed that Black Bolt had been replaced by a Skrull, so I’m sure the fights were hot and heavy over whether anyone in the Fantastic Four were really Skrulls.

    I love Skrulls. I just love ’em. They’re like the ultimate cool source of villainy because clever creators can make anything out of them. Their presence might make me more interested in next year’s storyline, but all these mainstream crossovers are really starting to burn me out. I miss having some nice standalone stories…