WW3 release party tonight

There’s a new issue of WORLD WAR 3, the venerable counter-culture comics magazine, and toniht is the release party. FACTS ON THE GROUND’ ISSUE Featuring multi-media presentations by: FLY SETH TOBOCMAN MAC McGILL PETER KUPER (video from Oaxaca) CHRISTOPHER CARDINALE.. NYC Cyclists Memorials REBECCA MIGDAL PENNY ALLEN Friday December 14th, 7:30 pm at the Time’s […]


There’s a new Zuda competition up, in case you forgot. As far we were concerned, both THE ADVENTUES OF MAXY J. MILLIONAIRE and THE CROOKED MAN should get contracts because they are both fine comics. Anyway, Gabriel Hardman, the artist and co-writer of THE CROOKED MAN, (with co-writer is Corinna Sara Bechko) sent us the […]

Extra credit reading weekend

We are lazy and tired so here are other things for you to read: § Chris Butcher explains everything you need to know about yaoi — and most of us need to know a lot! § Related: Boston Edge on the Canadian habit of seizing gay comics at the border. § Can anyone help Andy […]

Friends of Lulu “Design-A-Lulu” Initiative

Buzy FoL prexy Val D”Orazio announces the Friends of Lulu “Design-A-Lulu” Initiative: We at Friends of Lulu are looking for a few good artists (oh, heck, actually we’re looking for tons) to donate their talent to Friends of Lulu’s Design-A-Lulu Initiative, a fundraising and increased public awareness effort in which we ask artists to dream […]

Stage Tintin

HERGE’S ADVENTUES OF TINTIN is a stage play based on the Belgian comics hero that’s been around a few years, and it’s now playing at the West End in London. Info in the above link. Her’es a link to a review: The first 30 minutes of this already acclaimed adaptation of the Herge strip cartoon […]

BEEDLE THE BARD sells for…£2m

In HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, one of the most important clues to defeating Voldemort comes in the form of a book left by Dumbledore to Hermione Granger — a volume of instructional fables entitled TALES OF BEEDLE THE BARD. The book has never been printed…and won’t be, but it exists — author J.K. […]

Cartoon Network Magazine Arrives in the Middle East

Teshkeel, the Kuwait-based publishing company which has been bringing Middle Eastern comics to both their native terrain and the US, has pacted with the Cartoon Network to bring a CN kids mg to the MIddle East. PR: Teshkeel Media Group, KSC, today announced a partnership with Cartoon Network-the leading animation channel for kids-to publish Arabic […]

PSA: If you have ever listened to us..

just this once, PLEASE PLEASE listen to us! Whatever you do, do not listen to the “digitally enhanced” scene from LOST IN TRANSLATION making the blog rounds, which purports to reveal what Bill Murray whispered to Scarlett Johansson at the end of the movie. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. There are some things that are […]