YOu can see the rapidly-being-removed trailer here.


  1. I saw it this morning just fine (and I hated it, so it seems unfair of WB to be depriving people who’ll actually cough up the ticket dough)…

    It seems like online premieres of trailers have gone… (I mean, they really can’t be worried–like Wing Commander with the Episode I preview–about I Am Legend money)

  2. Who’s behind bars in that picture? Gotham or Batman? Nice design.

    As for the trailer… too dark to tell and lots of stuff gets blowed up. I dunno. I still prolly won’t be able to see it until it’s on dvd… :(

  3. It pales with the iconic “Why So Serious?” Joker/Batman poster.
    And have your seen the lenticular Speed Racer poster?! Mmmmmmmm

  4. I thought the poster design was great, actually. But I have a problem with the perspective. To my eye, it looks like the floor of that room must be slanted at an extreme angle downward in order to reveal the landscape the way it is. Is that just me, or does anyone else feel that way too?

  5. I seriously LOVE this poster, it’s very cool. I saw the trailer tonight at the movie theater & it was incredible!! There is also another poster just like this but of the Joker. It’s really cool too.

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  6. Jonathan, yes, I agree that it looks like Batman is looking out at the city at a weird angle. The perspective is incorrect. Okay, maybe he is in the BatPlane?

    But I like the image as a teaser.