Novelists dig INCOGNEGRO

INCOGNEGRO is an upcoming graphic novel by novelist Mat Johnson and artist Warren Pleece, the latest in Vertigo’s line of literary yarns. It’s a noirish mystery about a light-skinned journalist who goes undercover in the South of the ’30s to unravel a murder and stop a lynching. The book went out for some blurbage, and […]

More collected editions from DC for ’08

Mpre upcoming books from DC via pr: DC Comics concludes its look at new collected editions and other titles for Summer 2008 with titles scheduled for release in July and August. These include collected editions from the DC Universe, Vertigo and WildStorm, as well as new manga from CMX and original works from Minx. Titles […]

Free on the web equals sales?

The New York Times very conveniently points out that the biggest selling American graphic novel of 2007 is available for free on the web and has been for some time: Despite laments about youngsters spending too much time surfing the Web and not enough time reading, it turns out that many of them still want […]

Pope searches for literary quality in comics

Paul Pope blogs at the First Second website: Each facet of the comics medium is important and deserves its own special consideration, but it’s the writing in comics I’m thinking about right now. I often wonder why we don’t see more literary quality in the comics being published today, why we don’t have a John […]

Wizard updates: Felton gone, Silver not

ICv2 catches up with Gareb Shamus and sits down to ask him about recent personnel changes. . Shamus confirms the departure of associate publisher Rob Felton, but says that publisher Jim Silver has not left, contrary to many rumors swirling earlier this week. Shamus also talks about the IFL, his leaving his position as CEO, […]

Understanding Otaku

Last weekend’s New York Anime Festival was an interesting experience to say the least. It was only the second anime show I’ve ever attended (I went to Otakon in Baltimore a few years ago) so the hypotheses I drew from the experience can hardly be called conclusions. I welcome corrections or deeper observations. But the […]

CBLDF Party pics!

Courtesy of Steve Prue for here’s some photos from Monday’s CBLDF Member Appreciation Holiday Party. It was a star studded event, as the above photo shows, with everyone from Moby to Molly Crabapple in the house for festivities and some fundraising. The action shifts to Berkeley on SATURDAY, where Comic Relief hosts a party […]

Eisner Award Call for Entries

Awards Admin Jackie Estrada sends word on how to submit your material for the Eisners. Eisner Awards Now Accepting Submissions for 2008 Submissions are now being accepted for consideration by the judges for the 2008 Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards. Publishers wanting to submit entries should send one copy each of the comics or books […]