Very tragic news as best sellling novelist Terry Prachett has revealed that he is suffering from a rare case of early onset Alzheimer’s :

The 59-year-old writer made the announcement Tuesday through a web posting to fans on the website of illustrator Paul Kidby, who has worked on many of Pratchett’s Discworld titles.

Terry Pratchett…was Britain’s biggest selling contemporary author until the massive success of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Pratchett’s books have sold more than 45 million copies around the globe.

“I would have liked to keep this one quiet for a little while, but because of upcoming conventions and, of course, the need to keep my publishers informed, it seems to me unfair to withhold the news,” Pratchett wrote in a message titled “An Embuggerance.”

In addition to the immensely popular Discworld series, Prachett co-authored Good Omens with Neil Gaiman, and several of his novels have been adapted into comics form.