CBLDF Member Holiday Party tonight!

Tonight, come celebrate comics and the First Amendment, while reveling alongside an all-star line up of creators! The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s NYC Holiday Member party, co-hosted by JahFurry, begins promptly at 7pm and continues until 11pm, with plenty of fun in between, including a live comics jam, raffles and door prizes, live jazz-funk […]

Ron Paul likes Paul Pope

Yikes! Never saw that one coming. Presidential candidate Ron Paul picks his super-hero favorite at ComicMix: “My favorite comic book superhero is Baruch Wane, otherwise known as Batman, in The Batman Chronicles. “The Berlin Batman,” #11 in the series by Paul Pope, details Batman’s attempts to rescue the confiscated works of persecuted Austrian economist, Ludwig […]

Jughead’s dynamic new look!

“Dynamic new look….a story that will shock you….” Can Dark Jughead be far behind? Or perhaps the heartbreaking storyline “One more shake.” Last year, one of the most talked about stories in the comic book industry was the Dynamic New Look for Betty & Veronica; as seen in the story “Bad Boy Trouble”. Thousands of […]

NYAF Photo Parade Part 2

This may have been a con too far for The Beat…we’re too tuckered to post anything, but we will run some photos by you, how does that sound? Although we apologize in advance because our camera settings were screwed up all weekend and all the pictures came out dark. Above: An overview of the hall.

Marvel and Del Rey announce manga pact

Yep, it was true, Marvel and Del Rey announced a small — four book — but brainy venture. A shojo manga version of the X-men written by Raina Telegemeier and Dave Roman with art by Anzu, and a Wolverine shonen manga written by Antony Johnston. Both series are planned for Spring 2009 and will run […]

What you need to know about NYAF

We’ll have our own detailed anthropological observations when we’re not feeling under the weather. However here are facts and figures. § ICv2 interviews the showrunner John McGeary who estimates attendance at 15,000. § IGN reports on Stuart Levy’s amusing activites: Have the Tokyopop convention planners lost their minds? Not really. Rather than do a typical […]

Academic Libraries discover graphic novels

Karen Green, Columbia University’s Ancient/Medieval Studies Librarian and Graphic Novel selector starts a blog at Comixology explains how an Ivy league university starts collecting graphic novels: University libraries tend to get their books from large vendors according to a subject outline known as an approval plan, and let’s just say that Columbia’s approval plans didn’t […]

Quick Hits 12/10

§ Craig Thompson (Blankets) talks about his…..Grammy nomination??? § The power of superheroes comes to rescue errant brands, says AdAge: It sounds like the plot of a superhero story. On the hunt for an elusive target — young male consumers — media buyer Sharon Enright struggled to find the right ad venue for her client, […]

Thank you, Frank Miller

Watch the Meet The Spartans trailer, which parodies 300 “Scary Movie” style. Yes, that is Kevin Sorbo. Oh and PS: dear, DEAR Gerard Butler has not ruled out a cameo in WATCHMEN, although…realisticly, it almost surely won’t happen: A bit later we spoke to Gerard Butler, who commented on Zack’s desire to film the graphic […]