“Dynamic new look….a story that will shock you….” Can Dark Jughead be far behind? Or perhaps the heartbreaking storyline “One more shake.”

Last year, one of the most talked about stories in the comic book industry was the Dynamic New Look for Betty & Veronica; as seen in the story “Bad Boy Trouble”. Thousands of Archie fans responded by e-mail, snail mail and phone expressing their disapproval of the new look before the story was even printed. Those same fans, after reading “Bad Boy Trouble” let us know how much they enjoyed the story once seeing it in print. They thought it was fun and interesting to see the characters with a different look, AS LONG AS IT WASN’T IN ALL OF THE COMICS. The story was so popular it was collected into a Graphic Novel.
Thanks to the response of those thousands of fans, we have created another story with a Dynamic New Look. This time, starring Jughead in a story that will shock you. You can see Jughead’s Dynamic New Look in four consecutive issues of Jughead’s Double Digest starting with issue #139 through issue #142, with Dynamic art by the legendary Joe Staton. Remember, it is only one of the stories in Jughead’s Double Digest, the remaining stories will be in the classic Archie art style you know and love. Make sure you contact your local comic book retailer to reserve your copies today.


  1. How about Manga Jughead? That would be dynamic. Just one story per issue.

    Or maybe Alex Ross Betty and Veronica covers?

    Just asking.

  2. CINDY!
    Now your talkin’!
    It would be so swell if Archie Comics let really cool creators do “takes” on their characters.
    Darwyn Cooke? Alex Ross? Some of them “indie” people. People from sites like Deviant Art. A big, fun, artsy-fartsy celebration of the whole Archie-verse!!!! Maybe a giant-sized one-shot! What’s the opposite of “digest”?

  3. No, “indigestion.”

    Immonen had some swell takes on the Archieverse on his Flickr page.

    Howabout an Archie book called “Token Force,” starring Chuck, Raj, Chuck’s girlfriend and… crap… are there any other minorities in Riverdale?

  4. I thought it was bad enough when they permanently opened Jughead’s eyes (Presumably to make him look less like a stoner)…but now, he looks like he’s a drunk !!!! (BLECH!!!!!!!!)`