Mysterious notebooks found

Newsarama, a Question related website, Douglas Wolk, ComicBloc and retailer Joe Field are among those receiving what seems to be a VERY elaborate promotional stunt for Greg Rucka’s Crime BIble mini-series. Wolk explains: Despite Countdown, I do like it when artifacts that ought to belong to one world end up in another. Yesterday, Greg Rucka […]

DC Month to Month Sales: October 2007

by Marc-Oliver Frisch At first glance, October was a great month for DC Comics. For starters, for the first time in ages, the publisher’s market share, both in dollars and in units, was slightly higher than Marvel’s. More significantly, though, the dollar volume of DC’s October 2007 direct market periodical sales – as usual, not […]

Trudy Cooper at Panel & Pixel

Rantz Hoseley interviews Australian animator, designer and artist Trudy Cooper at the Panel & Pixel message board. Cooper is the artist of the webcomic Platinum Grit which has been running on and off since…1994. The entire strip is archived online — unfortunately the early ones use Shockwave, which doesn’t work on an Intel Mac, so […]

More memories from Glenn Hauman

ComicMix’s Glenn Hauman posts his memories meetings with MARVEl people SIX YEARS AGO: –which leads into yet another story of how I was brought in to discuss digital strategies with comic companies. This time I was brought in to meet with Gui Karyo, at the time the CIO of Marvel, in March of 2001 to […]

Rome’s public shame

An editorial in the local Rome, GA paper points out the overwhelming absurdity of the Gordon Lee case: AS THIS SPACE has repeatedly pointed out, the zeal with which elected officials are pursuing consistently trivial “family value” issues locally reflects negatively on the community. First of all, the single theme of these “big deals” give […]