Newsarama, a Question related website, Douglas Wolk, ComicBloc and retailer Joe Field are among those receiving what seems to be a VERY elaborate promotional stunt for Greg Rucka’s Crime BIble mini-series.

Wolk explains:

Despite Countdown, I do like it when artifacts that ought to belong to one world end up in another. Yesterday, Greg Rucka dropped off a document that had come into his possession while he was working on the Crime Bible miniseries (of which the second issue comes out Thursday): Montoya’s Moleskine, a bulging notebook that reminded me a bit of several Dennis Wheatley and J.G. Links volumes. The pocket-sized notebook, besides copious handwritten notes on Montoya’s investigation of the Dark Faith, includes a bunch of inserts:

LIke we said, mucho time and effort have been sent on this. Click on the links so you can play along.