Not directly related to comics but…

I don’t mean to alienate a good 8 million people, but is Washington DC a strange place or what? Go to the Corcoran Gallery near The Memorial and check out Ansel Adams in one wing, and Annie Liebowitz directly across. It’s a somewhat peculiar experience – smallish pictures of vast mountain vistas one second, and […]

Torrents and so on

Who would have thought one of the biggest stories of the year would have broken over the Thanksgiving weekend? For those of you who have been living in a cave–or possibly on vacation for a week–both Marvel and DC have threatened comic book site Z-Cult with legal action regarding their plentiful torrents of comics. The […]

WATCHMEN set pics

The official WATCHMEN blog posts pictures of the film’s backlot. This ain’t no green screen. According to director Zack Snyder: Here are a few interesting facts about the backlot: • 5,800 feet of neon requiring 24,000 watts of power • 100 unique and custom-designed graphics created for the various storefronts • 5,000 square feet of […]

Frisch on trade sales

For those of you who love the sales charts, over at Comiks Debris Marc-Oliver Frisch acknowledges the inaccuracy of all collection sales info we have, but compares first month sales for various Vertigo series: Well, we’ve now established very carefully and, I hope, with a workable degree of clarity, that the Diamond “Graphic Novel” charts […]

Comic Book Club celebrates one year anniversary

We’ve mentioned Comic Book Club, the “comics and comics” live talk show that Alexander Zalben, Justin Tyler and Pete LePage put on every week several times here — we’ve been a guest and been an attendee, and it’s a funny, lively evening. The format involves guests from both the comic book world and the live […]

SCORCHY SMITH next on the list

Here’s the official PR on IDW’s upcoming Noel Sickles Scorchy Smith reprint. We couldn’t gank any Sickles SMITH art online, so here’s a COMPLETELY UNRELATED Sickles illo. Thanks to Scott Dunbier for sending us a link to actual SCORCHY SMITH art! (We did white-correct the scan though.) Scorchy Smith, the daily strip that exploded in […]

Back from travels

We’re back, but we’re on European time, so posting will be dazed and confused for a while. We’re catching up on hundreds and hundreds of emails, and thousands of links in our RSS and to be honest, we’re probably just going to shine it on. As for my trip, my head is swimming with castles […]