For those of you who love the sales charts, over at Comiks Debris Marc-Oliver Frisch acknowledges the inaccuracy of all collection sales info we have, but compares first month sales for various Vertigo series:

Well, we’ve now established very carefully and, I hope, with a workable degree of clarity, that the Diamond “Graphic Novel” charts are an insufficient basis for drawing conclusions on overall collection and graphic novel sales in the direct market and beyond. I think there is something they actually can provide accurate data on, though, and that’s the question how the direct market numbers for different collections or graphic novels compare to each other in their first months of release. And based on that, to go one step further, I think they can also offer a reasonably accurate idea of how the total direct market sales of those books compare to each other.

With all that in mind, let’s get back to those Vertigo collections. Below, you can see statistics on the first-month direct market collection sales of Vertigo’s current series, as per’s sales estimates, arranged according to the numbers of the most recent volume, from highest to lowest. What these statistics show, as indicated above, are (a) the first-month sales trends for each given title, and (b) how the individual Vertigo titles compare to each other in terms of first-month sales. (It only goes back to March 2003, because that’s when Diamond started to report data on sales, rather than initial orders.)