While we’re away Mark Coale will be manning the ship. We’re happy to announce that will be guest posting next week, as well. Treat them nice! And have a great holiday.

Shamus exits IFL

Wizard Entertainment CEO Gareb Shamus has left his position at the IFL, the mixed martial arts league he co-founded in 2006. Jay Larkin, a former Showtime exec, takes over Shamus’s positions. The International Fight League, the world’s number one team-based professional mixed martial arts league, today announced a change in its senior leadership, naming Jay […]

O’Malley: How to buy SCOTT PILGRIM 4

Based on this post on Bryan Lee O’ Malley’s LJ, we’d guess it is not so easy: I wish it was easy to get a copy of Scott Pilgrim volume 4, but it’s still kind of hard (and confusing). Here is my attempt to explain. 1. Good comic stores who ordered plenty of copies should […]

Toon Books website ROCKS

Not only is Francoise Mouly launching a new line of comics/books aimed at very young readers, but the Toon Books website kicks all kinds of butt. Look at these awesome art previews — we made our own little montage but click on the link for more previews, bigger art and info. There’s also a very […]

What is most popular webcomic?

T Campbell runs an analysis of Compete, Alexa and Quantcast, triangulates the results and comes up with a list of the most popular webcomics, with a bit of Dilbert thrown in for good measure. XKCD, a darkly funny stick figure comic is #1, showing,once again, that people like to laugh. The big winners: Alexa and […]

Shooting War in NEWSWEEK

Newsweek writes up SHOOTING WAR, the new graphic novel from Grand Central, presents a slideshow of Milton Caniff art, and looks at the graphic novel booklet: “Shooting War” is an example of a growing industry. Over the last five years the graphic novel market has more than tripled, with sales of book-format comics growing from […]

Gorelick, Pellerito upped at Archie

Victor Gorelick has succeeded the late Richard Goldwater as Archie E-i-C, and Mike Pellerito has been upped to Managing Editor. PR below: In the late 50’s, Victor Gorelick, a graduate from The School of Industrial Art, was hired to work in the production department at Archie comics. In a few years, Victor moved on to […]

Jeff Parker on how to write for artists

Paging every screenwriter who is eyeing the comics medium: PLEASE READ THIS: Do you really have to pick shots? Think hard on this one. Do you really have a good sense of what will make a good picture, or do you just feel like you’re supposed to do it because it’s your job? Because it’s […]

We’re not kidding

We’re going crazy here at Stately Beat Manor! How crazy? We’re going away and WE’RE NOT TAKING OUR COMPUTER! Totally nuts, right? We’ve got it figured out however. This is going to be so smooth. You’ll see. In the meantime, we’re really to busy to post today anyway. So let’s just wish everyone a VERY […]