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LJ, we’d guess it is not so easy

I wish it was easy to get a copy of Scott Pilgrim volume 4, but it’s still kind of hard (and confusing). Here is my attempt to explain.

1. Good comic stores who ordered plenty of copies should still have copies. Examples of good comic stores: the Beguiling (Toronto), Strange Adventures (Halifax NS), Chapel Hill Comics (north carolina), Jim Hanley’s Universe, Midtown Comics and Rocketship (all NYC), Comix Experience and Comic Relief (both Bay Area California), Meltdown (Los Angeles), Gosh (London UK), Page 45 (Nottingham UK), many more that I can’t list. Obviously, not everyone lives in one of these cities. Some of these shops do mail-order and you could check the website of your closest one and find out.

2. Khepri.com probably has copies (if anyone knows, please inform me). They’re an online comic store. Here is another one: In Stock Trades dot com.

3. As far as I know, most of the Big Box Bookstores (Barnes & Noble, Borders, Chapters, Indigo, etc) do not have copies yet. If you work at one of these stores or corporations in a knowledgeable capacity, please inform me otherwise.

3a. I am told Borders ordered “several hundred” copies. Which would mean less than one book per store.

According to the post, 7000 copies are already in circulation.


  1. Last I checked, Amazon still didn’t have copies of this or Black Dossier. I was hoping they would ship both by the time I leave for a flight tomorrow.

  2. Can’t find a copy in Ottawa. Silver Snail ordered eight copies. None of them arrived. They are apparently getting two copies this week, both of which are, of course, already claimed. Both Comic Book shops were completely sold out two days after its release. None of the Chapters in Ottawa have a copy. Aargh.

  3. In case anyone in London is desperate, I got mine from Orbital comics on Charing Cross road, which isn’t mentioned above. They might be sold out by now, but it’s certainly worth checking.

  4. I know that my LCS got 15 copies last Wednesday and had two left by the time I picked mine up in the early afternoon. I also know that Amazon still listed Black Dossier as unreleased last Thursday and then switched midway through the day to released and on back-order.

  5. I had orderd Black Dossier through Amazon, but it was going to be like 3 weeks in being delivered. A little bird told me that DC shorted Amazon, so it might be wise to go ahead and get a copy of a LCS. I did and of course, my copy from Amazon shipped on Monday and so now I have 2 copies.

    Perhaps a trip to the gray market may be in order. :>

  6. I have difficulty ordering ANY volumes of SP. Why this is, I do not know.
    My store, the Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Center, has about 20 copies of Black Dossier. Call 1 212 595 6859 and we will be happy to ship it anywhere in the world! Ask for me, and I’ll try to get you a discount, maybe free shipping. Or stop by. Always happy to talk on the job!

  7. One LCS didn’t have any copies of Scott Pilgrim 4 when I went in, but the other had one copy left — reserved for an employee, who fortunately had said he wasn’t going to pick it up for a while, and if someone wanted it, they could sell it. So I happily took them up on that offer!

    (Yes, I have 2 local comic shops. One near home, one near work.)

  8. Just called the store. online inventory says bookazine:5, ingram:99 .
    I suspect that since LCS order nonreturnable, publishers ship there first, then to bookstores. My store did not get Lost Girls until the third printing, around late December of last year. Not complaining, just killing the perception that comicbook stores get stuff later than bookstores.

  9. Acme Comics in Greensboro NC had several copies yesterday. They are good about reordering stuff when it sells out, so if they sell out this week, there’s a good chance they’ll have more next Wednesday.

  10. Sold out of our copies on the first day, ordered more, expect to sell out again. SP is a pretty good seller at our store…similar to sales of Fables and Watchmen because we push it pretty hard.

  11. I suspect that since LCS order nonreturnable, publishers ship there first, then to bookstores

    Unlikely. Most publishers ship by region to allow the book to hit all areas of the country at roughly the same time. If a publisher’s warehouse is on the east coast, it’s likely they ship first to the west coast and cascade eastward throughout the pub shipping run, which generally runs less than a week. Diamond is located on the east coast and therefore might be towards the end of the pub shipping run.

    Keep in mind that some chains that have national distribution centers (for example, Borders) must first be shipped to their national distro centers and then internally distributed to individual stores. While some publishers take this into account, it can mean that Borders can get them out slower in some cases. On the other hand, Diamond generally turns around reshipping in a couple days, so depending on when the books hit Diamond, they may beat many bookstores to the punch. It’s often a luck of the draw and simply a matter of timing.

  12. I had good luck ordering SP4 from MarsImport.com. Shipping was a bit pricey, but the order was processed and delivered with impressive speed. (And a nice handwritten thank-you note on the invoice!)

  13. I just search borders store locator and then searched for scott pilgrim and went and got it. There was only one copy though like 3 copies of Scott Pilgrim volume 1. Also, I though it was interesting that it was finally shelved with the manga.