Terry Moore announces new series: Echo

With Strangers in Paradise wrapped up, Terry Moore is not stopping: Echo is the story of Julie Martin, a photographer taking pictures in the desert when she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s all I’m going to tell you about the plot at the moment. The Diamond solicitation coming out […]

Inoue at Kinokuniya

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be invited to a press junket for Viz’s new edition of Slam Dunk, and we got to interview Takehito Inoue himself. Slam Dunk–a basketball themed manga that once ran in Raijin magazine, but is coming back in the American Shonen Jump–has sold a mere 100 million copies world wide […]

But…it’s my only line!

Over the last few days, quite a few stories have been making the rounds that seemed to foretell the death of the pamphlet as a viable form of storytelling. First there was SLG’s Jennifer De Guzman’s blunt declaration that they are not looking to publish new series: Another tip, but it’s not on the list […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ Todd Allen continues his dispassionate look at the current web comics scene, with ann examination of Marvel’s Online DCU, and just how Zuda and ComicsMix may actually make money. Always worth a read. § The Monkey Day site is petitioning web comics for support. What are you waiting for? How do we sign up? […]

Max wins Spanish cultural award

According to this article and Google, the Spanish Ministry of Culture has just presented their first award for comics, to Max for Bardin Superrealist. Awards have been presented in other literary and artistic categories for many years, but this is a first for comics. David Rubin was one of the other finalists. The prize comes […]

Simpsons Comics Reax

The funniest discussion of the Simpsons episode guest starring various cartoonists is at the Comics Journal board, natch including this from Jennifer Gonzalez: [W]e learn that Lisa is a big fan of Ghost World. I wonder if her teacher has given her Eightball #22 yet. MEANWHILE, Matt Selman who wrote the episode, blogs about it […]

Von Allan joins Girlamatic

Call us sentimental, but we’ve been following the story of Von Allan and his graphic novel “the road to god knows…” for sometime. His struggles to launch an unknown graphic novel have revealed valuable lessons for all. Thus, we smiled when it was announced that the story will be serialized at Girlamatic: Webcomics have, over […]

On we sweep

This weekend’s Big Apple con was pretty well blogged with LOTS of photos from everyone. Including far too many of The Beat doing things like holding up purple pants. Val D’Orazio. ComicMix Part 1 ComicMix Part 2 There’s also this. And this. As far as the latter goes, we can only say you should hear […]