The Show Must Go On

As the writers’ strike enters day number (something like 21 or so, forgive me it’s late), folks are finding new ways to keep busy. We saw last week that some of the Daily Show writers were doing their own show on YouTube. Now, it’s the cast of Saturday Night Live performing on, well, Saturday night, […]

Mouly’s Toon Books

This Week’s Publishers Weekly spotlights Francoise Mouly’s new Toon Books imprint. Mouly will be publishing a new line of comics for very early readers. Mouly has announced plans to launch a new line of book format comics called Toon Books, aimed at readers ages four and up, designed to nurture basic reading skills and encourage […]

Jill Thompson Blogs

Jill Thompson has a blog, and it’s just as chatty, smart and quirky as the lady herself. I think the one bit of advice I gave out more than anything else during the 4+ hours of portfolio review was to ditch the pencil, get a ballpoint pen and sit in a cafe and do gesture […]

Shooting war events

There are a bunch of events and radio appearances to promote the new Shooting War graphic novel this week, and here they are: NPR’s Bryant Park Show Monday, November 19, 8:00 AM, EST WNYC 93.9FM, New York, NY + iTunes Air America: Rachel Maddow Show Monday, November 19, 7:30 PM, EST XM 167 + iTunes […]


§ Matt Tauber started a blog, and so far he visited Milton Caniff’s hometown, Hillsboro, OH, and has an on-site report, complete with pictures of buildings associated with Caniff, and this plaque. § NY Anime Festival update with new panelists etc etc. § Mark-Oliver Frisch interviews Dark Horses’ sales guy Dirk Wood: You’ve got the […]

Inside Wizard with Rick Marshall

Ejected Wizard Online editor Rick Marshall partook in a widely quoted interview at Comics Reporter last week. Under his stewardship, Wizard started covering webcomics, indies, Fantagraphics, etc etc etc — in short all those things that Wizard isn’t known for covering. The result? Steadily increasing traffic. There’s a certainly a lot of fodder for Wizard-watchers […]

Can you spot the misteaks?

This Wall Street Journal profile of Dark Horse VP Anita Nelson does not get off to a promising start: Anita Nelson is one of only two female executives at a comic-book publisher in the last 10 years. Yet she says the only times in her career when she experienced gender bias was while she was […]

Many returns from About

About Comics announces the return of Evanier and Spiegle’s CROSSFIRE, Bill Messner-Loebs; Journey, and Nat Gerter’s own Licensable BearTM in a parfectly timed Sunday night press release complete with lots of art. Why can’t everyone make it this simple? March will see a flashback on the shelves of your local comic book store with the […]

Willis joins Surrogates

THE SURROGATES, based on the GN by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele, has gained a top line star in Bruce Willis, the trades report. Jonathan Mostow directs. It looks from the story that the film has missed the strike cut-off, assuring this and other websites a steady stream of news items on comics-rekated films in […]