The 3D CGI animated BEOWULF was #1 at the weekend Box Office with $28.1 million, with a huge percentage of that — 40 percent– coming from special 3-D showings in regular theaters and on Imax screens.

The film did $8 million in ticket sales on 638 screens equipped with technology from RealD, which uses a special reflective screen and polarized lens glasses that moviegoers can take as a souvenir.

Theater owners were able to charge about $2 extra for the 3-D showing.

The film also sold $3.6 million worth of tickets on 84 Imax screens showing the film using their own 3-D technology.

“Twenty percent of the screens produced 40 percent of the gross,” Paramount general sales manager Don Harris said Sunday.

According to this piece, even more 3D movies are on their way, as studios attempt to lure people back into theaters with naked spectacle.

The BEE MOVIE continued to build buzz and find box office honey, coming in 2nd with $14.3 million in ticket sales, bringing its total after three weeks to $98.8 million.


  1. please do not call this trash “animated.”
    it’s nothing more than visual make-up… ugly make-up at that.

  2. “BEOWULF” defeats “BEE” = good.

    i’d rather look at squinty, stiff faces for a few hours than listen to squinty, stiff humor from Seinfeld.