Castree found guilty

Ronald Castree has been found guilty of the 1975 child murder of Lesley Molseed. Castree is a well-known comics retailer in Manchester, England. A different man had been convicted of the crime, but released after DNA evidence proved his innocence. A 54-year-old man has been jailed for life for the murder of schoolgirl Lesley Molseed […]

Tonight: Women of color in comics and manga

Cheryl Lynn, aka Digital Femme, moderates a panel at MoCCA tonight: This November 12, I will be moderating a fantastic panel attended by three wonderful women cartoonists that you should know about. Alitha E. Martinez, who has worked on Marvel’s Thor and Iron Man, will be on hand to discuss her time at Marvel and […]

Strike stuff

Variety paints a gloomy picture of the WGA strike, as talks have stalled and the vitriol level is rising: Three months of harsh negotiating rhetoric — combined with widely differing interpretations of the contract talks — have fueled resentment on both sides. And it’s started to poison relationships in a town where connections are the […]

Platinum gets more press

The NY Times Magazine had another big section on movies, this time looking at modern Westerns, and the proposed Cowboys and Aliens film gets a lengthy write-up with Platinum Studio’s clever business plan once more rolled out, under the headline “Comics Genius?”: This may seem odd for someone so passionate about comics that he had […]

AFRO SAMURAI now big in Japan

AFRO SAMURAI has made the rare reverse commute: the American-produced manag-adaptation anime in now popular in Japan: Okazaki’s strange tale initially failed to attract attention in Japan, where mainstream cartoons feature cute wide-eyed heroines or fighting robots. He sold just a trickle of his Afro Samurai comics in the 1990s, peddling his work to specialized […]

Quotable: Tom Brevoort

Tom Brevoort points out what we’ve been discovering as we’ve cleaned up both home and office: a lot of these reprint books can quietly be…ignored. Now, don’t get me wrong—I love the fact that so much of this material is readily available, and every reader makes their own evaluation of the work. By the same […]

Michael George update

Accused comics shop owner Michael George is attempting legal maneuverings to go free on bond while he awaits trial for the murder of his wife,the Tribune-Democrat reports. They say he is not a danger to the community. From reading the story one can infer that the new evidence that caused the case to be reopened […]

Down in the (uncanny) valley

Early reviews of Beowulf harp on the fact that it’s just goldurned unnachurl: Here’s the deal: the best stuff in Beowulf is the most stylized, the most liberated from the motion-capture process–Angelina Jolie’s spike-heeled demon, the monster Grendel, the golden dragon and Beowulf himself. Beowulf is an idealized Adonis-version of Ray Winstone, and the most […]

12 movies vie for animation Oscar®

Via Cartoon Brew the list of movies submitted for the Academy Award for best animated feature. Only three will be chosen. Alvin and the Chipmunks Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Bee Movie Beowulf Meet the Robinsons Persepolis Ratatouille Shrek the Third The Simpsons Movie Surf’s Up Tekkonkinkreet TMNT Speaking of animated, […]