Cheryl Lynn, aka Digital Femme, moderates a panel at MoCCA tonight:

This November 12, I will be moderating a fantastic panel attended by three wonderful women cartoonists that you should know about.

Alitha E. Martinez, who has worked on Marvel’s Thor and Iron Man, will be on hand to discuss her time at Marvel and her latest independent project Yume and Ever.

Jenny Gonzalez, indie and ‘zine maven and all-around arbitrator of awesome, will be present to talk about her series Too Negative and her work on the House of 12 anthologies.

Rashida Lewis, creator of the comic Sand Storm and artist of the upcoming School Bell series, will discuss her work in the independent comics arena and her experiences moving into the realm of animation.

The panel will take place on November 12 at 7:00pm at the renowned Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, which is located at 594 Broadway (Suite 401). Admission? Pay what you wish! Hope to see NYC/NJ come out and represent!

We hope to be there, but we threw our back out lifting all those boxes of comics.