Can anyone here tell a story?

As part of my duties as co-editor at PW Comics Week I edit our occasional “Loudmouth” feature, which is, more or less, our editorial page. Opinions, the more opinionated the better. Funny thing. Everytime I ask for topics potential contributors would like to write about, the one that comes up over and over is talking […]

Misc. SPX stuff

Teen Boat #8! •Closed Caption Comics has some interesting looking things, including OLDE TALES, above. Check the link for more. Late listings: •Rafer Roberts and Plastic Tree Farm • John Bintz of Clarity Comics

Persepolis raves

The animated PERSEPOLIS film continues to get great reviews. Stephen Holden in the NY Times: Because it is animated, “Persepolis” is a bold choice for the festival’s closing-night selection. “A cartoon?” you may sniff. “How dare they?” But the movie is so enthralling that it eroded my longstanding resistance to animation, and I realized that […]

Finke on Wonder Woman film

Nikki Finke, who broke the “no Warners movies with women on top” rumor, follows up with a long post on her interactions with Jeff Robinov and throws in a few interesting crumbs at the end which you probably could have figured out: 5) he’s nixed Wonder Woman as a stand-alone film, downgrading her to just […]

Platinum fun

For those who like following the internet trail of Platinum and Arcana, there’s a fun thread at the Digital Webbing Forums in which DJ Coffman (!), Andrew Foley, Lee Nordling and even Platinum’s Dan Forcey all take part. In other recent Platinum news, Weird Adventures in Unemployment is finally online (above). You’ll recall that this […]

New TREES AND HILLS anthology at SPX

A new anthology debut for SPX, with an intriguing theme. Which reminds us, the other day we got to see a slideshow by Nick Abadzis (who will also be at SPX this weekend) about his book Laika, and it really does seem like the Russians had this thing for sending cute little dogs into space! […]

Oh Rob Liefeld, you scamp you

Oh man, we can just imagine the internet chatter about this lengthy profile of Rob Liefeld in the OC Weekly: To this day, Liefeld is described as “controversial”—it’s one of the first things you’ll see on his Wikipedia page—but he isn’t quite sure why. “I ask people, but no one really has a good answer,” […]

DETECTIVE find questioned

The recent story about an unearthed copy of DETECTIVE #27 has begun to draw scrutiny as it appears the copy may have been doctored to remove flaws: “He (the seller) called on Sept. 22 before stopping in around 1:30 p.m., and I spoke with him until around 4:30 p.m.,” Kropf said. “He brought in 70 […]

Brum Con II

Aside from SPX, this weekend there’s the second Birmingham International Comics Show, in the UK, featuring all the hard-drinking Brit comics folk you would expect to see, and even panels. Tony Lee, who got dosed at last year’s show, is man enough to come back, and even posts his schedule. For those of you in […]

Ian Brill is back

Prodigal blogger Ian Brill returns and he’s somehow…older…which isn’t all that bad. What had me hesitate from starting up the blog is this: I’m not excited about too much in comics. I look forward to new issues of Casanova, Criminal, Iron Fist and various other books under the Fracbaker empire. I like seeing my name […]