Superman shuffle

We’re not entirely clear what all this means, but we bet the peanut gallery will have something to say about it: DC COMICS ANNOUNCES CONTENT UPDATES FOR ISSUES OF SUPERMAN AND SUPERMAN ANNUAL #13 Several issues of SUPERMAN and SUPERMAN ANNUAL #13 have changed contents as detailed below. SUPERMAN #668 (AUG070237) now will feature the […]

Modern Tales announces new line up

While the comics industry worries and frets about distribution and continuity and what not, the webcomics world just putters along, a seemingly free flowing fountain of creativity that, it is easily predicted, will someday take over the world. To wit, Shaenon Garrity writes of new additions to the Modern Tales line-up: Modern Tales (, one […]

Steve Canyon revived

E&P also reports on a special 60th anniversary edition of STEVE CANYON which will appear on September 24th. The new version of “Steve Canyon” is written and drawn by retired Air Force Master Sgt. Russ Maheras for the Air Force Times, a civilian weekly newspaper that covers the military. Set in the present day, the […]

Highwaymen continues to perplex

Sometimes it just takes an honest question to bring out honest answers. Writer Marc Bernadin’s frank questioning over the relative sales failure of his Wildstorm mini-series The Highwaymen has got a lot of people talking. perhaps because Bernadin is a seasoned writer in another field (he’s an editor at Entertainment Weekly) and writing comics isn’t […]

Icv2 chats with Dan Buckley

ICv2 continues its annual check ins with the heavy hitters of comics with a four part yakfest with Marvel publisher Dan Buckley (with added kibitzing by David Gabriel). Of all the heavy hitters, Buckley has perhaps the least “cult of personality” and the talk puts Marvel’s various forms of outreach in a relatively solid perspective. […]

Another day, another cartoon crisis

Swedish artist Lars Vilks is now confined to his house following an al-Qaeda bounty was placed on his head after he drew the prophet Mohammed with a dog’s body: Vilks, who was whisked away by police when he returned to Sweden from Germany on Sunday, said he was staying at a secret address after security […]

Reid/Wood wed

E&P has a brief report on the editorial cartoonist wedding of the decade : Two cartoonists were married in a ceremony presided over by a third cartoonist, announced today. The newlyweds are Mikhaela Reid, who has done cartoons for the Boston Phoenix, the Los Angeles Times, and various other publications; and Masheka Wood, whose […]

Movie news: LeBeouf asks “Y”?

More rumors on director D.J. Caruso’s Y THE LAST MAN movie. Hollywood hotshot Shia LaBeouf is still the front runner to play Yorick Brown. “This is funny, but unbeknownst to me: Shia was already chasing this part prior to anything. I haven’t talked to him yet about it because he’s off shooting ‘Indiana Jones 4,’ […]

Teacher assigns “lewd” comic

Many questions are raised by this brief news story out of Guilford, CT about a teacher who is accused of giving a freshman student a pornographic comic: The 14-year old student told her mother he gave it to her as a reading assignment. The mother went to the school superintendent and police. Superintendent, Dr. Thomas […]

Viper launches t-shirt line

Speaking of fashion, Viper has launched a new Sketch 86 apparel line of t-shirts. We like the sound of The Horrible pirates ourselves. You’ve read the graphic novels and trades… Now it’s time to wear them! Viper Comics has recently launched Sketch 86, an apparel line featuring t-shirts based on Viper characters and books, as […]