While the comics industry worries and frets about distribution and continuity and what not, the webcomics world just putters along, a seemingly free flowing fountain of creativity that, it is easily predicted, will someday take over the world. To wit, Shaenon Garrity writes of new additions to the Modern Tales line-up:

Modern Tales (www.moderntales.com), one of the Web’s premier webcomics sites, is proud to announce the addition of five new comics to its lineup for the second half of 2007. The new comics are:

+ Little Dee, by Chris Baldwin, (above) a daily strip about a little girl raised in the woods by animals. Baldwin is best known as the creator of Bruno, one of the longest-running and most acclaimed webcomics, which ended early in 2007.
+ Planet Saturday Comics, by Monty and Kelli Kane, a monthly comic about “childhood, parenthood and memory,” based on the creators’ own experiences as kids and as parents.
+ Gothbunnies, by Joanne Wojtysiak, a whimsical fantasy about three rabbits dealing with their new home and its overgrown, magical garden.
+ No Stereotypes, by Amber “Glych” Greenlee, a sprawling fantasy about an immortal searching for his lost love, the ordinary girl who might be what he’s been looking for, and the troublemaking gods who get in their way. No Stereotypes is returning to Modern Tales after a long absence.
+ All Knowledge Is Strange, a new strip by renowned experimental webcartoonist and minicomics creator Daniel Merlin Goodbrey. All Knowledge Is Strange replaces Goodbrey’s previous comic on Modern Tales, Brain Fist.

Most of the new comics are running on Modern Tales now; No Stereotypes will debut in the coming weeks. Modern Tales editor Shaenon K. Garrity will interview the creators on the blog Talk About Comics (www.talkaboutcomics.com). The first interview, with Little Dee creator Chris Baldwin, is already available here.