Speaking of fashion, Viper has launched a new Sketch 86 apparel line of t-shirts. We like the sound of The Horrible pirates ourselves.

You’ve read the graphic novels and trades… Now it’s time to wear them! Viper Comics has recently launched Sketch 86, an apparel line featuring t-shirts based on Viper characters and books, as well as original designs created by comic book artists and the fans themselves.

“Sketch 86 has been in the works for some time now, but we finally felt it was time to go live with the company and to start literally handing people the shirts off our backs, so to speak,” states Viper Comics President and Sketch 86 co-founder Jessie Garza. “We anticipate updating the apparel line with new designs on a regular basis, so we urge everyone to visit the Web site often… not only to purchase merchandise, but to make suggestions on future designs.”

And with the fans in mind, Sketch 86 seeks to involve its customers in more ways than one. Once a month, the company will hold a shirt design contest where would-be Ralph Lauren’s can submit concepts for future Sketch 86 apparel. The top four entries will then be posted on the Web site where visitors can vote for the winner. Each month’s winner will receive $100.00 and two free t-shirts… as well as having their design featured on a Sketch 86 t-shirt.

“We really wanted to make Sketch 86 as interactive as possible,” continues Garza. “In a lot of ways, we wanted the fans to decide what they’d like to wear because at the end of the day, they’ll be the ones buying the shirts anyway, so why not make it so they can wear them proudly!”

Current Sketch 86 t-shirts include designs based on popular Viper Comics books [email protected] and web comics You’ll Have That and The Horrible Pirates.