JR JR and Joe Q on ESPN Monday Night Countdown

VIA PR: It’s the most powerful team-up of the year—the nation’s most popular sport meets the world’s most popular comic company! Tonight on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, the popular sports channel examines Philadelphia Eagles record-breaking free safety Brian Dawkins’ love of Wolverine and how he’s integrated the X-man into his football life. Watch as Marvel […]

Bernier offers brush testimonial

Cartoonist Matthew Bernier sends is a testimonial on where to get the best brushes: The best brushes in the world are made by a nice lady in England Every person who has ever used a brush to do very precise ink drawing has wanted to magically imbue the brush with the ability to feel real […]

Actual woman reviews Minx titles

At Sequential Tart, Lee Atchison looks at the two latest Minx books with CLUBBING and GOOD AS LILY: Ultimately, the major issue with the story is that it seems as if Watson was asked to make up a ‘tween/teen girl storyline, and he tried to fit as many “girl friendly” points as he could into […]

News from all over

§ Perhaps the ultimate sign of the acceptance of graphic novels as a form of literature is when they are not spotlighted in a dog-on-legs way but merely as another example of the treatment of a theme as this NYT story on THE HOMELESS CHANNEL does: “The Homeless Channel” assumes a similar inside-television perspective, taking […]

INFINITE CANVAS opening coverage endless

Last week’s INFINITE CANVAS opening of webcomics art display at MoCCA continues to be one of the best covered comics events this side of a Cup O’ Joe panel, proving that these webcomics people are pretty web savvy. Dean has the photo parade: Ryan Roman pix Links:Part 1Part 2Part 3 Tim Hamilton pix links:Part 1Part […]

Gaijin adds Shasteen

Atlanta’s Gaijin Studios adds a new member: GAIJIN STUDIOS, a home for some of the biggest and most talented names in the comics world for more than a decade-and-a-half, proudly announces the newest addition to its ranks: Tony Shasteen, artist of 12 Gauge/Image’s O.C.T: Occult Crimes Taskforce. “Tony’s somebody with unlimited potential as a Gaijinner,” […]

Fantagraphics’ 2nd Amendment rights under attack

Via Matt Silvie in Seattlest: Police forces from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s department and the Sultan Police department swarmed on the semi-annual Fantagraphics Shoot-out party on Saturday, shutting down the festivities after only a measly two hours of shooting, which wasn’t nearly enough time to shoot all the tvs, computer monitors and lawn mowers hauled […]

Bernadin asks…WHY?

Journalist/comics scribe Marc Bernadin looks at the sub-10,000 copies sales of his Wildstorm mini THE HIGHWAYMEN and wonders why it sold poorly: Did we not spread the word adequately? I’d like to think we did. We did oodles of press, interviews with anyone who asked. Had pieces up on Wizard.com, Newsarama, CBR, Silver Bullet, IGN, […]

UVC salutes black women in comics

PR on a new issue of UVC magazine spotlighting a little seen group in comics: Since its debut in February 2007, UVC: The Urban Voice in Comics has provided news, information and opinions about black comics and creators for all readers. This fall, UVC takes a closer look at a small but significant segment of […]