200709170143PR on a new issue of UVC magazine spotlighting a little seen group in comics:

Since its debut in February 2007, UVC: The Urban Voice in Comics has provided news, information and opinions about black comics and creators for all readers. This fall, UVC takes a closer look at a small but significant segment of the comics industry – black women.

Among the features in the November/December 2007 issue include the following:

· feature articles on black women creators and industry figures, including Barbara Brandon-Croft, Spike, and The Ormes Society founder Cheryl Lynn Eaton
· a listing and analysis of the major black women characters at both Marvel and DC Comics
· selective listings of significant black women characters in other comics, past and present, real and fictitious

In addition, this special issue will also include articles about black women in science-fiction film and television, in animation, and as science-fiction/fantasy novelists.

It is the goal of the staff at UVC to provide a greater awareness of the contributions black women have made to not only comics, but pop culture at large, as well as to encourage black women elsewhere to take an interest in comics, whether as a fan or as a creator.

UVC is available through Diamond Comic Distributors and the November/December 2007 issue can be found on page 386 of the September 2007 Previews catalogue.