Ellison/Groth settlement released

You boys play nice now. Here you go. At long last the Ellison/Fantagraphics settlement agreement. Basically everyone agrees not to say nasty things about each other any more, Ellison’s interview is removed from future printings of THE WRITERS, the offending paragraphs are removed from the upcoming history of Fantagraphics while they get to post a […]

Wieringo funeral details

Mike’s brother Matt has posted the following: : First, let me thank everyone who has expressed their condolences online and over the phone. We have been, frankly, overwhelmed by all the good will from all over the world. I don’t think our parents fully understood (nor did Mike) just how much he was loved and […]

Steve Bissette on STARDUST

Prolix Steve Bissette has a very very long review of STARDUST and observations on the role of illustrators in film and great links and why Charles Vess getting his name on the movie is a good thing and tons of obscure history, like this: In fact, the exile of mere “illustrators” to this limbo of […]

Interview: Paul Gravett and Nick Bertozzi

Daily Cross Hatch sits down with Paul Gravett and special guest Nick Bertozzi: A lot of people have asked me this question, so I’m sure you get it fairly often, yourself: have you ever had any ambition to create your own comics? No, I haven’t. the world of comics isn’t just writing and drawing—there’s another […]

Questions about Minx, DC

Another newspaper, another favorable review of the Minx line (along with other comics): The hip Minx series is consistently cranking out some of the sassiest, fun-to-read comics this year. The top-rate talents attached to it never talk down to the readership, and they address heady topics – death, Sept. 11, racism, partying – without being […]

Persepolis closing night film at NY Film festival

Marjane Satrapi’s animated PERSEPOLIS film will be the closing night movie at the prestigious New York Film Festival: Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud’s Persepolis has been selected as the festival’s Closing Night film. The animated coming-of-age story, based on Satrapi’s popular graphic novel about her own childhood in Iran during the Islamic Revolution, won a […]

A little bit more Chicago

WE haven’t had much to say about the recent Chicago con, because no one did: by all accounts most folks were exhausted. However good times were to be had, and The Hero Initiative’s Jim McLauchlin has some memories and photos like the Millar/Jenkins showdown above: • The greatest thanks are reserved for Paul Jenkins, who […]

300 rooms available for Comic-Con 2008!

Via Comic Book Conventions comes the joyous word that the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego will be available via Travel Planners for both Comic-Con International and the Action Sports Retailer (ASR) tradeshows. Although not scheduled to open until the fall of 2007, Hard Rock Hotel San Diego has already been secured through Travel Planners Inc. […]


The Hurting remixes Alan Light. BTW, in the comments section of our original posting, light links to another wonderful set of old convention photos, and reveals the following: You’re going to cringe (I certainly do every time I think about it) when I tell you that virtually all pre-1983 photo negatives related to fandom were […]

Gordon Lee case delayed until November

While we can all agree that the Gordon Lee case should never have happened — surely the trauma of seeing a small drawing of a normal penis is less upsetting to the two young boys involved than being coached as part of a witch hunt — there is something very strange going on. First the […]