Time for Thor to “play the game?”

IGN.com has a story about the upcoming THOR movie, which just had STARDUST’S Matthew Vaughn sign on as director. But who will play the Norse God? The story says that Marvel is interested in getting WWE star (and Vince McMahon son-in-law) Triple H (Paul Levesque) to play the part. You may remember that a few […]

Marvel and Dabel Brothers — Sayonara

Well, that didn’t take long! This morning Marvel issued a terse press release announcing the end of the agreement between themselves and the Dabel Brothers, the much traveled but enterprising fantasy comics packaging concern. According to the PR, Marvel will continue to publish such best-sellers as Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter and The Hedge Knight. (Marvel’s […]

Alex Ross on Avengers/Invaders

Well that didn’t take long! Marvel has already revealed their new Alex Ross book and it’s an Avengers/Invaders 12 issue cross-over: “As a fan, as a reader, I enjoy those books,” says Ross from his home in Illinois. “I enjoy MIGHTY and NEW [AVENGERS]. I have to read them every time they come in. That’s […]

Puckett and Johnson on Supergirl — update

UPDATE: Someone more knowledgeable than we has written to say that the Bedard/Guedes run was only ever a fill-in and it was never announced how long they would be on the book. Well, that didn’t take long. Only a few short weeks ago — on May 20th, 2007 to be exact — everyone was excited […]

TCAF unspools

Well, here’s the show we REALLY wish we could attend….alas, we’re still scared to travel after the events of the last few weeks. The biannual TORONTO COMIC ARTS FESTIVAL takes place this weekend, and it sound like all the cool people will be there. We’ll be updating with party poop and individual plans, but for […]

SPX announces guests: Griffith, Hernandez, Modan

SPX is only a few short months away (Sheesh!) and the first guests have been announced, and they sound swell! Small Press Expo (SPX), the preeminent showcase for the exhibition of independent comic books, graphic novels and alternative political cartoons, is proud to announce Bill Griffith, Gilbert Hernandez and Rutu Modan as the first slate […]

Morning briefing: Cerenzie-Peters, Ice Cube, Slade

A new production shingle, Cerenzie-Peters has just launched and they make their intentions CLEAR: Producers Michael Cerenzie and Christine Peters have formed Cerenzie-Peters Prods., aimed at adapting graphic novels, comicbooks, novels and videogames. [snip]”With Michael’s experience in modestly budgeted, darker-themed dramas and action thrillers, and his interest in a large library that includes some of […]