A new production shingle, Cerenzie-Peters has just launched and they make their intentions CLEAR:

Producers Michael Cerenzie and Christine Peters have formed Cerenzie-Peters Prods., aimed at adapting graphic novels, comicbooks, novels and videogames.

[snip]”With Michael’s experience in modestly budgeted, darker-themed dramas and action thrillers, and his interest in a large library that includes some of the leading graphic novelists, horror, science-fiction and fantasy writers, we control the kind of properties that target today’s youth demographic,” Peters said.

Peters is producing AREA 51, the video-game based alien movie penned by Grant Morrison.

§ Looks like a movie verion of Neil Gaiman’s NEVERWHERE is on the table with David Slade set to direct. Slade previously directed #) DAYS OF NIGHT, meaning he’s another comics franchise two-fer, like Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer.

§ Ice Cube has a shingle! And it’s got comics on the mind.

Ice Cube’s shingle is circling a bigscreen adaptation of the graphic novel “10” at Dimension as a starring vehicle for the thesp. Gustin Nash and Jesse Cale adapted the graphic novel by Shannon Eric Denton and Keith Giffen. Story revolves around a guy who gets what appears to be junk mail informing him he’s in a competition with nine others and that whoever gets out alive wins. He throws away the letter, but then a man toting an ax shows up at the door.