UPDATE: Someone more knowledgeable than we has written to say that the Bedard/Guedes run was only ever a fill-in and it was never announced how long they would be on the book.

Well, that didn’t take long. Only a few short weeks ago — on May 20th, 2007 to be exact — everyone was excited over the new look Supergirl by Tony Bedard and Renato Guedes. But that team lasted a total of three issues and Kelley Puckett and Drew Johnson are taking over with issue #23. .

Since the new Supergirl, Kara Zor-El, showed up on earth in Superman/Batman #8, the young hero has been confused about her place in the DCU.

She’s not the only one. Since the character’s solo series was launched in fall 2005, she’s interacted with the Outsiders, battled with Teen Titans, fought alongside the Amazons, and spent time with the Legion of Super-Heroes — but permanently joined none of those groups. And in the same time period, she’s gone through several creative teams and variations, searching for an audience among the throngs of loyal DC readers who adore her Kryptonian cousin.

But DC is hoping to change all that, giving both the series and the character a clearer direction. According to the publisher, the Supergirl series will get an ongoing creative team of writer
Kelley Puckett (Batgirl, Green Arrow) and artist Drew Johnson (Wonder Woman) beginning with issue #23. And as Supergirl becomes a member of the Teen Titans within that ongoing team title, Puckett and Johnson hope to further define the character in her solo series, promising readers a “surprise” that will clarify her place in the DCU.

Valeria D’Orazio reacts here.


  1. Yeah, I was only ever on for 3 issues. Did an interview or two, which might’ve made it seem like a bigger deal than that, but it was always just 3 issues to keep the seat warm for the new team.

    That sounds a little worse than intended, though. Frankly 3 issues of Supergirl was a welcome opportunity and I’m having great fun with it. And Renato Guedes has been a revelation to me. I’m dying to work with this guy again, and when I read some people complaining that he makes Supergirl look “fat” (i.e. human) it’s really cracks me up.

    Anyhow, I expect Puckett and Johnson will do a great job. I really liked Johnson’s work on Wonder Woman and hope to work with him someday, too.

    Tony B

  2. I liked Kelley Puckett’s work on “Batman Adventures”. Nice solid stories.

    I think part of Supergirl’s problem was that everyone was so excited to have her reappear as Superman’s cousin again that everyone went kinda ga-ga and wanted her to be involved with everything RIGHT AWAY.

  3. I’ll miss you on Supergirl Tony. :( Your first issue was rly good :)

    I hope that you set Kara in a direction that other writers will follow after you leave :)

    And srsly she’s not FAT.