SD07: Where dreams come true

From the moment I walked into the convention center I knew I was outmoded, outmatched, outclassed. Although I had always mocked the idea of a Blackberry (working on the web, the idea of being web free is like the idea of having some time off) as I found myself pinned down under attack by an […]

Some more San Diego piccies

Pathetically late, we know, but we earned that vacation. Above, Charles Vess and one of his gorgeous sculptures. More in the jump.

Spirit cast: Gabriel Macht

Here’s a story we missed in all the excitement: Gabriel Macht has been cast as THE SPIRIT in Frank Miller’s upcoming film. Macht has already earned his comic book movie stripes with a role in WHITEOUT. (He also appearaed on BUFFY, a nerd cred requisite.) Samuel L. Jackson has been cast as the Octopus. For […]

Top Shelf News: Marshal Law, Lost Girls on TV

Via PR, news that Top Shelf will be republishing Brit comic Marshal Law, and a TV sighting of Lost Girls, believe it or not. The government has commissioned living weapons of mass destruction to wage war on terror. The survivors return home broken, bitter, insane. Some form gangs, some go psycho. Some turn into ‘A’ […]

To do 8/6 NYC: Lulu launch at MoCCA

Friends of Lulu is having a launch party tonight at MoCCA: Attention, NYC! The release party for Friends of Lulu’s The Girls’ Guide to Guys’ Stuff is TOMORROW, August 6th, @ 7PM at MoCCA (596 B’way Suite 401). We’ll be selling books for the low, low price of $10 each. Come by after work and […]

To do 8/6, NYC: Reading Comics

Tonight at the Chelsea Barnes and Noble: Reading Comics discussion and signing with Douglas Wolk, Tom Hart & Sara Varon at Barnes & Noble, Chelsea 675 6th Avenue @ 22nd street 7:00 pm Sez Sara Varon: “there will be a comics-related panel, and, if all goes according to plan, buyers of ‘robot dreams’ will receive […]

Comics writer assails halls of Congress

What ever happened to comics writer Elliot S! Maggin? Turns out he’s running for Congress for the second time: The 24th district in California takes up most of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, just north and west of Los Angeles. Currently — and for the past twenty-odd years — a man named Elton Gallegly represents […]

SD08: Sign up for Artists’ Alley now

While one of the frequently heard rumors at Comic-Con was that there would be no Artist’s Alley in 2008, this form to fill out to apply for space would seem to refute that rumor: Interested in Being a Part of Artists’ Alley in 2008?Completion of our Artists’ Alley Application Package is required. This package includes […]

Ellis stuff: FreakAngels, X-men

Here’s a little bit of news we managed to miss: Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield are doing a webcomic called FreakAngels: FREAKANGELS is a free online comic debuting later this year, by myself and artist Paul Duffield, via Avatar Press. It’s an open-ended, long form story told in the equivalent of five pages a week. […]

Jim Rugg illustrates rap battle

Okay if you go to this link you will see this: In this excerpt from the VH1 Rock Doc: NY 77: The Coolest Year in Hell (premiering August 11, 2007), a memorable rap battle between Grandmaster Caz-DJ Disco Wiz and Afrika Bambaataa is recounted in classic comic book style by the artist Jim Rugg. WE’re […]

BRATZ movie tanks

We’re not very secretly overjoyed that the BRATZ movie tanked this weekend coming in at #9 with an anemic $4.3 mil. While we support girl-themed entertainment, girl-themed entertainment based on neurasthenic party-hopping dolls should be rejected. UNDERDOG came in at #3 with $12 million.

Gay gaming site knocked off line

According to Kotaku, gay-themed gaming site GayGamer has been knocked offline by a hate-crime spammer. Flynn De Marco, the site’s owner and Kotaku weekend editor, said small waves of denial of service attacks started Wednesday morning, causing occasional timeouts on the site. By Friday the site, working with their host, was able to block the […]

Break to daylight

It was fun dropping off the grid for a few days, but while everyone else has moved on to Lollapalooza, we’re still wrestling with our San Diego wrap-up which is as embarrassing as hell, but what are ya gonna do? You have to take your time returning to the surface or else you’ll get the […]