200708060418Via PR, news that Top Shelf will be republishing Brit comic Marshal Law, and a TV sighting of Lost Girls, believe it or not.

The government has commissioned living weapons of mass destruction to wage war on terror. The survivors return home broken, bitter, insane. Some form gangs, some go psycho. Some turn into ‘A’ list celebrities with ‘A’ bomb fists. The city is now a war zone.

San Futuro needs a Super Cop to enforce summary justice. His eyes will reflect the rocket’s red glare. He is Twilight’s Last Gleaming…


A bad choice is better than no choice at all.

Top Shelf is proud to announce that it has just signed Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill’s MARSHAL LAW, and will publish a MARSHAL LAW Omnibus next year — THE all-up one-volume, full-color, 500(+)-page definitive MARSHAL LAW collection.

And only Canadian TV is bold enough for the Moore/Gebbie erotic oddessy, it seems:

Tanya Spreckley of the Canadian TV show “SexTV” has just aired the one-and-only filmed TV segment on LOST GIRLS. Flying over to Northampton England, Tanya and her crew filmed and edited an amazing interview with Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie. And they’ve just posted a streaming-video version of it at their website.


The segment is © 2007 SexTV (Canada).


  1. That Marshal Law pitch sounds awfully close to my comic The Psycho, which universal is making as a film. The two comics are dissimilar in many ways, but that description is essentially my movie pitch.

  2. Was Top Shelf able to secure all the necessary licenses? The great thing about Marshal Law is how it was able to to weave an ongoing storyline through each individual crossover event. If the book is in color, does that mean the beautiful black & white Savage Dragon story will be colorized? Great job reporting the press release without posing the followup questions!

  3. “That Marshal Law pitch sounds awfully close to my comic The Psycho, which universal is making as a film.”
    Oh yeah, with Dan Brereton. How lucky are you that you got to work with him. You guys did a great job on the Psycho, and I’m really looking forward to catching that flick.