We’re not very secretly overjoyed that the BRATZ movie tanked this weekend coming in at #9 with an anemic $4.3 mil. While we support girl-themed entertainment, girl-themed entertainment based on neurasthenic party-hopping dolls should be rejected.

UNDERDOG came in at #3 with $12 million.


  1. It is good news in its own weird way isn’t it? Between this and “I know who killed me” you’d almost think the world came to its movie-watching senses these past couple weeks.

    I never noticed it before but the two girls on the left LOOK like the actual dolls.

  2. From what I gather from reviews, the movie plot centers around high school. I don’t know if they include the hot gay, er guy dolls in the movie…
    The company is smart, (this is an ad) and will make the money back in video sales. I suspect this movie is the beginning of a DVD series. It’s just another way for girls to Make Believe with the dolls. Barbie’s done it for years, why not Bratz?

  3. As beneath commentary the BRATZ movie may be, it’s interesting to think that it may eke out a smidgen of extra life because of its reality TV connections: (1) Paula Abdul was apparently hired as a choreographer/consultant/whatever, but was fired; her reaction to being fired was featured on her reality series “Hey, Paula”; and (2) “Project Runway” winner Jeff Sebelia gave an interview a few months after his win saying that he was broke and reduced to doing costumes on the BRATZ movie…

  4. I think the problem is that fangirls weren’t able to get over their idols having those ugly bumps. Waddaya call those? Oh, right, NOSES.

    Besides, how do you outdo the greatness that was the original BRATZ, Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver?

  5. Okay…for starts. i dont get it! Did they make GOOD or BAD money??? Tanked meaning…bad??? well if they had more commercials & Advertising it would help. plus, they made the movie too girly and baby-ish!i saw the movie and i liked the beginning but it was way too girly and for kids!