SD07 Day 0: All aboard the San Diego Express!

We spent our now traditional sleepless night before getting stuffed into Supershuttle for the dawn ride to JFK for the 8:30 Jet Blue flight, otherwise known as the Hogwarts Express, because everyone who isn’t on the 11;)) flight is on the 8:30. The sun came up over Queens like a crimson King Vidor melodrama. At […]

What huffers like for entertainment

Immigration Official TELLS IT LIKE IT IS to Tony Lee: There was one concern while I was in customs – when asked why I was there, I explained that I was going to the San Diego Comic Con, no, I mean superheroes, not comedians – and the customs officer goes ‘You know about solvent abuse?’ […]

THB lands at First Second

As far as we’re concerned, THIS is the first big announcement of the show: First Second has picked up Paul Pope’s long unavailable SF/fantasy epic THB. (Shown above a con special edition of THB available only at AdHouse. GET IT QUICK! First Second Books announced today its plan to publish Paul Pope’s highly anticipated multi-volume […]

San Diego: with charity towards all

As regular readers of this blog may be are aware, the city of San Diego has been undergoing some fiscal distress of late, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that they are wondering just how Comic-con can be a tax-free charity perhaps with an eye to glomming a new revenue stream. But the […]

Spanish Cartoon Crisis: Day Cinco

Metabunker has continuing coverage on the ongoing turmoil over a El Jueves cover which mocked the Spanish royal family and which has led to legal action against the magazine. Cartoonist Guillermo and writer Manel FontdeVila are set to appear in court today (or did as you read this) Not content to have forced its retraction […]

Jenna Jameson at Virgin

As always, the jokes write themselves. Former porn superstar Jameson’s previous comics connections include working with Bernard Chang on illustrated portions of HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE A PORN STAR, the book she co-wrote with Neil Straus. World-famous entrepreneur, adult entertainment icon and New York Times best-selling author Jenna Jameson is creating and staring in […]

More writers writing comics

In case you missed PW Comics Week (and if you did FOR SHAME!) Oni is the latest publisher to announce a literary graphic novel line as Karin Slaughter is setting up an imprint. International bestselling thriller writer Karin Slaughter is launching a new graphic novel imprint at Oni Press, starting with her own The Recidivists, […]

Johnny Ryan makes children laugh

Chris Duffy writes to tell us that Nick Magazine now has it’s own Gag Cartoon section, reprinting cartoons that originally ran in the mag. The first few are by Johnny Ryan…and they aren’t what you’d expect!

Last minute news notes

Don’t forget those Marvel stamps! AICN goes nerdtastic over Paul Pope The Hollywood Reporter has a brief but trenchant interview with Neil Gaiman. The whole thing is worth reading, but this was the funniest bit: THR: Did you worry about it backfiring on you, if the fans didn’t like it? Gaiman: Oh sure. The time […]