Yes, there ARE comments

The comments are still down. Sorry about that. If you have an urgent correction or addition, please email me (hit the CONTACT on the upper right) and I will try to get it posted in a timely manner. The comments should be back on tomorrow Crom willing and the creek don’t rise. Wait, I take […]

Amidst success, rumblings of dissent

The rumblings of the Cold Cut sell-off seem to have uncovered a rift of disquiet among the Guardians. In some cases it’s downright dissent. As usual, Tom was the first to chart the anomaly: My basic thesis is that despite measurable gains in the specialty Direct Market, the emergence of a traditional book market and […]

Tokyopop and MySpace team for animated shows

Oh boy, is everyone teaming with the MySpace Juggernaut? Will no one be left for Orkut? Now Tokyopop will be premiering weekly “webizodes” for four of its OEL manga: I LUV HALLOWEEN (!), A MIDNIGHT OPERA, RIDING SHOTGUN and BIZENGHAST. The animated bits also includes original music. We watched the I LUV HALLOWEEN debut because […]

June sales figures: GNs boffo

ICv2 has all the usual news and analysis of June’s sales figures, and the star of the show is easy to spot: Graphic novels sales in comic stores grew by 33% in June versus sales in June of 2006 marking the end of the strongest quarter for graphic novel sales since ICv2 began tracking comic […]

Great moments in comics acceptance

The headline of this UK Observer article would appear to be the beginning of a long awaited graphic novel backlash as literary pundits grow resentful of having these comics sprinkled over their Wheaties on a daily basis: I get the picture: comics can be cool . And it starts out bad: I used to think […]


While we’re slaving away here to just get the PR up, the TCJ *staff* has gone and made a definitive list of actual comic book stuff coming out at the SD comic-con from Buenaventura Press’s offerings to Peter Kuper’s doing. While others are being trampled by the crows racing to see movie stars, why not […]


Is this worth getting up at 10;30 for? You bet your sweet bippy! UPDATE: Please note this has been moved to a much larger room in anticipation of a big crowd. ’90s nostalgia begins here, folks! The original seven founding members of Image Comics will appear together at Comicon International: San Diego on Friday, July […]

SD07: Friends of Lulu Awards

The Friends of Lulu Awards will be held on Thursday 7/26, at 8:30 at the SDCC. There is a $5 donation for admission. We suggest that everyone who has been bitching and moaning for the past few months about everything going on show up to support women who are getting things done — or have […]

SD07: Girls Drawing Girls (#B7)

Girls Drawing Girls, an group of female animation artists, AKA “cute girls with T&A (talent and ambition)” will be presenting their book” GirlsDrawinGirls: A Girl In Time at the con. Above, art by Danni Luo “The ’30s”

SD07: BOOM! Studios drink up

Ross Richie writes to tell us: BOOM! Studios Invites All to Attend Their 2 Year Anniversary Drink Up Thursday July 26th at SDCC 2007 @ The Hyatt Grand Lobby Bar 8pm-?? An informal gathering celebrating 2 years of Big Ideas! Various BOOM! creators and publishing team members will be in attendance!

100% trailer

Paul Pope points us to the LVHRD MGZN 3 which you must download, but if you do you get an article by Pope on Tadanori Yokoo, Guido Crepax, and Rene Gruau and a 2 minute animated 100% film trailer. We haven’t looked at it yet ourselves…how is it?

You’re kidding, right?

Via Cranky Chris Butcher: On the left there, that’s the solicitation cover for SHOWCASE: BATGIRL, the first of DC’s cheap reprint volumes to feature a female lead character. On the right? That’s the cover it shipped with. Spot the difference. Do we all know what kind of industry we have now? Are we all aware […]

Wacky Spanish comics crossover

Spanish artist elpablo wonder what Prince Valiant would look like if Charles Schulz drew it. ‘Tooner Pepo comes back and wonders what Peanuts would look like if Hal Foster drew it.

Racist Tintin a bestseller

We’re not quite sure what this says about human nature, but since news hit of Herge’s early work TINTIN IN THE CONGO getting removed from children’s sections in the UK due to its racist content, sales have been soaring: Sales of “Tintin in the Congo” have reportedly soared some 3,800 percent, after Britain’s Commission for […]

Not again

Yes, it appears that every weekend out commenting system goes off on a 3-day bender, and leaves everything kerflooie in its wake. In brutal honesty, we have no idea what is wrong with the server, and neither does our Thunderbirds Tech team. Our webhost doesn’t answer phone calls, like a sadly increasing number of webhosts; […]