ICv2 has all the usual news and analysis of June’s sales figures, and the star of the show is easy to spot:

Graphic novels sales in comic stores grew by 33% in June versus sales in June of 2006 marking the end of the strongest quarter for graphic novel sales since ICv2 began tracking comic book and graphic novel sales in 2001. During the second quarter of 2007 graphic novel sales rose 48%, while sales of periodical comics managed just a 7% gain.

With WORLD WAR HULK smashing though sales, as Newsarama points out, event fatigue seems to be nowhere near setting in. However, Marvel widened its lead over DC in unit sales considerably:

Marvel recorded 48.42% of the Unit Market Share, nearly 20 percentage points above DC’s 28.57%. Both the size of the “spread” between publishers and DC’s percentage of share are perhaps both historic figures in the Diamond/single distributor era. From a Dollar standpoint, Marvel’s 43.62% to DC’s 27.07% is comparable to May’s figures.

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