To Do 7/13 BKNY: Kuper and Pyle

Tonight at Rocketship

Sd07: Hero sponsors meet Stan on a yacht auction

What is it with the boats behind the convention center thing? Seems to be this year’s hot trend: Bid NOW at to win the ultimate opportunity to hang with Stan Lee on a yacht on Friday, July 27, 2007 at this year’s San Diego Comic Con International! Six winners will receive: -Photo and face […]

More Cold Cut thoughts — UPDATE

Chris Butcher adds thoughtson the news that Cold Cut Distribution is up for sale: Y’see… The writing’s been on the wall regarding…something…happening for a little while now. About a month ago, I stopped receiving Cold Cut’s weekly update of new product. I just figured my e-mail was bouncing or something, but… nope. No new product […]

College of Quaestors reconsiders Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Oyez! Oyez! For many long years we have much desir’d to write just such a headline, and now a golden opportunity has arrived. Lux Fortuna! Okay in modern terms, this all began when Belgian think tank The Transatlantic Institute sent copies of Will Eisner’s graphic novel THE PLOT to members of the EU Parliament. THE […]

SD07: Jim Rugg

Jim Rugg (PLAIN Janes, Street Angel) is taking commissions for San Diego but you must email him; you may still have time. HURRY!

SD07: IDW seeks editor

What does a comics editor do, anyway? Well if you know the answer to that question, IDW is hiring! If you’re headed to San Diego for Comicon at the end of July but would like to extend your stay a while, IDW Publishing would like to talk to you. The local publisher of acclaimed comic […]

SD07: Steve Rude (#1737 )

We have our same spot this year — #1737 — Drop by and say HI! We have a PANEL this year. Steve Rude Saturday, JULY 28 2:30-3:30pm ROOM 2 Rude Dude Productions panel. Tired of waiting ten years for the return of Nexus? The wait is over! Join the Rude Dude gang with founders Steve […]

SD07: The Tick (#1807)

YES! At this years San Diego Comic Con International 2007 The Tick will be turning 20 years old! To help celebrate this momentous occasion there will be a special signing held throughout the Con for The Tick’s 20th Anniversary Special Edition #1. Making signing appearances at the NEC/Tick Booth (#1807) will be nearly two dozen […]

Meet your Supergirl

Canadian hottie Laura Vandervoort has landed the role of Supergirl on next season’s SMALVILLE: “She’s a combination of beauty, intelligence, a certain warmth, and great attitude,” says the show’s co-creator Al Gough. “We’ve wanted a character to shake things up. She may be Clark Kent’s cousin, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to be the […]


Okay are you sick of Zuda speculation and commentary yet? If you just can’t get enough of it, Todd Allen has the ultimate guide to parsing Zuda pr complete with speculative monetary breakdowns, and the idea of the “Citizen cartoonist.” “Citizen Cartoonists” have been around for quite a while. It’s the basic premise of […]

More from Todd Klein

Man when he said he was going to be blogging he wasn’t kidding, as in this analysis of the HEAVY METAL logo: I like the heavy, easily readable letters, and I think the design of “HEAVY,” having it sinking into the word “METAL” below is a brilliant example of a logo that expresses what it […]

Who blogs the Watchmen?

A couple days ago we linked to a couple of sites that seemed to be viral marketing sites for the WATCHMAN movie, Rorschach’s Journal and The Veidt Method. Well there is more to the story and here it is: it seems that both have been created by Michael Regina of as a kind of […]


You know we haven’t really plugged Jamie “PHONOGRAM” McKevie’s new Image Book SUBURBAN GLAMOUR as much as we should have, because it looks loverly, but a CBR interview with McKelvie is as good a time as any to remedy this: “I’ve been describing it as Chynna Clugston’s ‘Blue Monday’ meets Jim Henson’s ‘Labyrinth,’” Jamie McKelvie […]

Great moments in comics

I totally stole this from BeaucoupKevin but it is so awesome and I am so weak: Jack Kirby’s Silver Star. YES. Oh…yes…

TO DO SUPERHEROES signing Hi-De-Ho 7/14

Gina Misiroglu asked us to pass along the news of her signing on Saturday along with Michael Lent and Lance Laspina at Hi-De-Ho in Santa Monica. Gina is the writer/editor of THE SUPERHERO BOOK and THE SUPERVILLIAN BOOK, the latter of which we were a proud contributor to. Anyway stop on by and then go […]

Morning Kibbles, Noon Bits

§ Comic Book Resources is covering San Diego from a BOAT! It’s true! The agony of being a comics reporter and the thrill of being a boat. § More wisdom from Tom Brevoort: The choice to switch Hellcat’s costume colors so the blue was predominant was mine–I thought, especially as a headliner, she’d look better […]