200706151249Oyez! Oyez! For many long years we have much desir’d to write just such a headline, and now a golden opportunity has arrived. Lux Fortuna!

Okay in modern terms, this all began when Belgian think tank The Transatlantic Institute sent copies of Will Eisner’s graphic novel THE PLOT to members of the EU Parliament. THE PLOT details the history of the anti-Semitic tract “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” The book was not delivered to its target audience because it was deemed to be inappropriate material to give to the MEPs. (The article cited above was a little vague on just why.)
But now it seems that decision is being reconsidered:

Emmanuele Ottolenghi, director of the Transatlantic Institute, a Brussels-based think-tank, who had appealed the initial parliament’s decision, received last week a letter from Luxembourg Christian-Democrat MEP Astrid Lulling, a member of the “College of Quaestors”, in which she wrote: “After having reexamined the book and taking into consideration your explanations, I believe that Will Eisner’s book should be allowed to be distributed particularly as I believe that the content is an historical reflection.”

Luxembourg MEP Astrid Lulling: “The European Parliament does not tolerate any racist or anti-Semitic ideas, publications or propaganda material.”

She stressed that the Parliament receives regularly a lot of unsolicited and unstamped publications which are easily recognisable as “advertisements.”

“Others hide undesired propaganda material. It is a practice of the Quaestors, going back to 2003, that such mail should not, as a matter of principle, be distributed to MEPs.”

“The Plot” does not fit into these categories, Lulling said.


  1. Gee, I guess those European parliament members are just too stupid to figure these things out for themselves. Thank God they are protected from unsolicited ideas.