DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales May 2007

by Marc-Oliver Frisch DC Comics’ big launch in May was, of course, the weekly Countdown. Succeeding the tremendously successful 52 and widely publicized as the “spine of the DC Universe” for the coming twelve months, Countdown seems to be met with high expectations by the publisher: It has to deliver as an event book in […]

Comics shop gutted by fire

The comics shop Universe of Heroes in Athens, OH was destroyed in a fire: The two owners face an estimated $100,000 in lost merchandise — a cost that will fall on them. Insurance is expected to cover the estimated $200,000 in damages to the building and the apartments above the store. “We must gather what […]

EW previews TEK JANSEN

From the heart of the Crab Nebula, a great hero shall come! With his own comic. EW previews the long-promised Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen comic from Oni with interviews with writers John Layman and Jim Massey, and a preview of the back-up story. Massey spills on Colbert’s participation: He mostly addresses individual lines and jokes, […]


Ellison V Groth goes to mediation! Two men enter…several lawyers walk out.

Comics goodies

In the wake of MoCCA, many comical types talk about good comics, none of which we managed to get a copy of. § Jog looks at THE buzz book, My Boy by Olivier Schrauwen. § Craig Yoe has his top ten which has many gems we must look for in the future. § “Ben Boxer” looks […]

SAM & MAX back to print!

The Wired blog reports that Telltale Games is reprinting Surfin’ The Highway: The Collected Sam & Max. The book includes both the priceless originals and more recent bonus material. The original printing is super-rare these days, fetching between $150-200 through Amazon used book sellers. Pretty pricey for a trade paperback! Telltale is also prepping a […]

Male virgins rampant in Japan

According to one survey, almost 1 in 4 Japanese men between 30-34 is a virgin: “There are 11 percent of people who gave an invalid answer to the survey and I bet you the vast majority of them would be virgins. And though there is also 65 percent who said they have had sex, that […]


At long last, Lea Hernandez resumes the web version of RUMBLE GIRLS with RUNAWAY LIGHTNING OHMRY. Yay!

Lee’s Comics through the ages

Lee Hester posts a history of his comics shop complete with photos of authentic 80s clothing and computers: You always hear a lot about overnight successes. I was an overnight failure. My first day, my “Grand Opening” I made $150 in sales. After that it was an average of around $20 a day for quite […]

Okay now even the PHOTO GALLERIES are getting all CGI

Dean Trippe and “Butterfly” do Mocca

Marvel media news corner

Sam Raimi indulges in another one of his Silver Age fantasies as he imagines making Spidey IV with the Sinister Six as the villains: Ultimately, if Sony considers the price tag too high for another Raimi/Maguire/Dunst collaboration, then the negotiations would turn to keeping Raimi onboard as a producer only. “I would still hope that […]

UMBRA to uclick

The Image title UMBRA by Steven Murphy and Mike Hawthorne will soon be available on cell phones: uclick, a leader in mobile entertainment, has announced an agreement that will bring the critically-acclaimed comic book series Umbra, by Stephen Murphy and Mike Hawthorne, to mobile phones throughout North America, UK, Australia and South Africa. The first […]

We’re not just imagining these things, you know

Old Disney Rejection Letter via Boing Boing. UPDATE: to those who thought this was not a form letter — nope, it was SOP.

It’s quiet out there

A few slow news days have become a slow news week. Aside from a few bursts of convention related news, things have slowed to an August like torpor. Is it just the summer buzz of activities? Is everyone too busy working on their graphic novel? Or too busy working on their blogs, message boards and […]