SurfinhighwayThe Wired blog reports that Telltale Games is reprinting Surfin’ The Highway: The Collected Sam & Max. The book includes both the priceless originals and more recent bonus material.

The original printing is super-rare these days, fetching between $150-200 through Amazon used book sellers. Pretty pricey for a trade paperback!

Telltale is also prepping a two-disc Sam and Max Episode 1 soundtrack release, which of course everyone is excited about. Everyone.

Telltale has been producing Sam & Max videogames of late, and you can see a whole line of fine products at their website, which promise, “The Summer of Sam & Max.”

If you’ve ever read Purcell’s unique madness, you know how good this is. If you haven’t, well you’re in for a treat. Or you can read the Eisner-nominated webcomic here, but be forwarned it’s in some kind of lofi animation so you have to hold your cursor over the panels to read the dialog.

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  1. SWEET! Sam & Max is probably the greatest comic ever! Definitley the funniest. (Just narrowly beating out The Tick.) I have a copy from the first printing of Surfin’ the Highway, as well as all the original comics, but I think I’m gonna have to get he new printing, too, just for the extra stuff. Steve Purcell is insane. I really respect that.

  2. This was the first comic I ever owned, and reamins one of my all-time favorites…I’ve read Surfin’ The Highway more times than I could possibly put a number on, and I can still find hillarious details I never noticed. My old disintigrating copy is currently MIA (a “friend” probably boosted it from my apartment and sold it on eBay!), so I’m happy to hear I’ll be able to get a new one.

    2007 has truly been the year of Sam and Max, as I also recently heard there are plans to release the animated series on DVD:

    The series could be watered down at times, but was generally hillarious. It was on Fox Kids in the mid-90s, and got away with some very dodgy and anarchic humor that stayed pretty close to the spirit of the book. Purcell himself even wrote a couple of episodes, so it’s absolutely worth a look.

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