Teshkeel on FRONTLINE

The 99, and Teshkeel publishing, the Arab-themed comics line, will be on the PBS documentary series FRONTLINE tonight, according to a letter from Teshkeel’s Naif Al-Mutawa: About year ago, an award winning filmmaker, Isaac Solotaroff (www.visioningtibet.com) began following the development of THE 99. Recently, he came to Kuwait to talk about the growth of our […]

RENT GIRL to Showtime

At her blog, Laurenn McCubbin announces the RENT GIRL TV show I have been waiting THREE YEARS to announce this, and here goes: Showtime Television has optioned RENT GIRL, by Michelle Tea and myself. The show will be Exec. Produced by Tony Jonas (Queer As Folk) and written by Shawn Schepps (Weeds, Drumline). Our roles […]

A few quick links

§ The Japanese Flex comics link § New York mag excerpts GOOD AS LILY § MySpace comic books previews Gilbert Hernandez § A massive list of comics podcasts. Can you add to this and/or tell us which ones are any good? We’re going to be expanding our podcast coverage here at SBM in the near […]


Last night, I was lucky enough to catch an early screening of RATATOUILLE, the new Brad Bird movie from Pixar. After THE IRON GIANT, THE INCREDIBLES and now this, I feel it is safe to say that Brad Bird is the closest thing there is to the Miyazaki of America. Of course, each reflects their […]

All over the place — UPDATE

As I write this the comments are still not back on. The PW Thunderbirds suspect that it’s because I’m so far over my bandwidth limit — like 300% over the last few months. Could be. They may be back on when you read this in the morning. Like everyone, I’m shocked and saddened by the […]