§ The Japanese Flex comics link

§ New York mag excerpts GOOD AS LILY

§ MySpace comic books previews Gilbert Hernandez

§ A massive list of comics podcasts. Can you add to this and/or tell us which ones are any good? We’re going to be expanding our podcast coverage here at SBM in the near future.


  1. well, i’m biased on this one, but COMIC NEWS INSIDER rocks! :)

    a couple of others not on the list:

    GEEK SYNDICATE- UK based. 2 life long pals. very funny.
    BIRDS OF GEEK- 1 UK girl + 1 US girl = pure fun!

  2. I am a comic podcast freak. Here is my breakdown of the cream of the crop…

    Around Comics: Great comics roundtable discussion. Very fun and lighthearted with great chemistry amongst the panel. They do 2 shows a week, Monday is a “news and reviews” and Thursday is always an interview or comic history spotlight .

    Comic Geek Speak: These guys know how to cultivate a comics community. Not only do they punch out 3 – 4 show a week always with fresh and new material, the forum that they have is easily this best for comic discussion (intelligent debates that are insightful, respectful and never end in flaming). CGS has such a diverse “cast” that new ideas regarding this hobby never get old. You have to listen to 2-3 shows in a row to fully immerse yourself into the cgs vibe.

    Ifanboy: The BEST comic review show in podcasting. They don’t kiss anyone’s ass and never say things that they honestly don’t mean. If you are looking for a truly honest review show with hosts that say the things that we think… this is for you. They aren’t looking to make friends, but they aren’t fanboy whiners by any means.

    Quiet Panelologists at work: HANDS DOWN the funniest comic podcast out there. these two blokes from England take such a wonderfully twisted view on comics that you can’t help but laugh outloud. It is too hard for me to capture the unique essence of this wonderful show. Just listen to them and you’ll understand.

    Word Balloons hosted by John Suintress: John Suintress is the best interviewer in the world of comics. If you like the way Charlie Rose conducts interviews with his guests you will LOVE John Suintress. You can tell that his intelligent, easy going attitude puts his guests at ease and because of that he gets the most out of them.

    Indie Spinner Rack: If Indy Comics are your thing, hosts Mr. Phil and Charlito have their fingers squarley on the pulse of anything outside of the main stream. They love the indy comics scene and will make you realize that there is a wonderful world outside of the “capes and tights” genre.

    I listen to many comic podcasts but these six are all different from one another and take great pride in what they have accomplished. Podcasting is a thankless, time consuming effort that is quickly becoming an important aspect of the hobby we love. They give faces and voices to creators and fans alike.

    I hope this helps.


  3. Heidi,
    I met you at SDCC last year. I do the only show focused solely on trade paperbacks and the collected editions market.
    I’ll let you decide if my show is good or not. But over 2 years, many accolades (including a speaking role at SDCC 2006) and an established base of listeners, I’ll pat myself on the back.

    Chris Marshall
    Collected Comics Library

    PS Don’t forget Comic Book Noise and SuperNot, two of the better shows out there in Comics Podcast land.

  4. Hey everyone,

    Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions. I’ve already updated the list based on feedback — several more added (including Word Balloon, Vert). Comic Book Noise and SuperNot are already on the list. But I will update again tonight, as I received a few comments on my blog as well.

    I hope to update the list soon by adding brief descriptions of each podcast to give people a better idea of what to expect.

    Thanks again.