Fox, Gladir to Receive Third Annual Bill Finger Award

Press release: Gardner Fox and George Gladir have been selected to receive the 2007 Bill Finger Award for Excellence in Comic Book Writing. The choice was made unanimously by a blue-ribbon committee chaired by writer and historian Mark Evanier. The Bill Finger Award was instituted in 2005 under the supervision of comic book legend Jerry […]

DC Comics Month-to-month Sales: April 2007

by Marc-Oliver Frisch Thanks to a successful performance of the four-part World War III blockbuster series, DC Comics’ overall and average periodical sales in the direct market received a much-needed boost in April. World War III ended up in the Top 20 in its entirety, suggesting that retailers treated the book as four extra issues […]

BEA wrap-up

We never got to go to the Book Expo America, on Sunday — we were hoping to head over after we finished some other stuff, but the other stuff took forever. More other stuff came up YESTERDAY, and we never even got to post. Just to wrap it all up, Bully has the best coverage […]

Millitary Times takes on ARMY@LOVE

And blasts it, right? In a bizarre plot twist, no, although a retailer near Fort Benning says it doesn’t sell much to soldiers. Welcome to “Army@Love,” a bizarro take on the war in Iraq, here called “Afbaghistan” and set about five years into the future. It’s published by Vertigo, a DC Comics line that typically […]

Things we missed that you shouldn’t

§ Terry Moore’s own picture-heavy report on the STRANGERS IN PARADISE wrap party. § A content-heavy interview with ADV’s John Ledford at ANN . As you may recall, ADV was once a category leader in manga, but cut way back, proving that printing manga is not a license to print money. They are back with […]

To do 6/6: Indie Spolight at Hanley’s

The info on Hanley’s site is sparse, but some cool cartoonists are swigning, including a rare apperance by Brandon Graham: WEDNESDAY JUNE 6th 2007 From 6 – 8PM INDY SPOTLIGHT NIGHT with BECKY CLOONAN (American Virgin) ROB G. (Teenagers From Mars) BRANDON GRAHAM (King City) VASILIS LOLOS and RICK SPEARS (Pirates of Coney Island)

PC guy is NYTBR go-to guy?

John Hodgman, Daily Show correspondent, and the human avatar of the PC–program bloat, video card upgrades and all–is also, it seems, one of the regular comic book reviewers for the New York Times Book Review section. Speaking of which, we were gabbing with someone about the NYTBR’s ethics rules, and you are not supposed to […]

FAQ: The Hansen LIterary Agency

Getting a good agent is getting to be as desirable for the graphic novelists as it has always been for the regular novelists. One of the most prominent agents specializing in graphic novels is Judith Hansen, whom Chris Butcher mentioned in a post yesterday as someone who got good deals for her clients. She wrote […]

San Diego goes kinky and pricey

Still looking for a hotel room in San Diego? Despite Chris Butcher’s cruel hoax yesterday, they are hard to come by. However, if you have $450 a night to blow, you may enjoy swinging off the chandeliers at the new Ivy Hotel : With rooms starting at $450 a night, this city’s newest hotel is […]