Getting a good agent is getting to be as desirable for the graphic novelists as it has always been for the regular novelists. One of the most prominent agents specializing in graphic novels is Judith Hansen, whom Chris Butcher mentioned in a post yesterday as someone who got good deals for her clients. She wrote to us to clarify her business set-up as mentioned in that post; although she was formerly associated with the Kitchen & Hansen Agency, now it’s just the Hansen LIterary Agency.

I still represent a few clients through the old agency including the Will Eisner estate, Wendy and Richard Pini, Mark Schultz, Bryan Talbot and Chuck Dixon to name a few. But after negotiating to revert all of Will Eisner’s graphic novels from DC and place them at W.W.Norton, and many other deals, as the partner in the old agency who actually did all the trade book deal negotiations and contracts, I moved forward with my own agency.

All of the clients you mentioned, Scott McCloud, Kean Soo, Kazu Kibuishi, Hope Larson and Svetlana Chmakova and a number of other fabulous creators and wonderful clients are exclusively represented by the Hansen Literary Agency.

Facts are important so I want to clarify that I now take on new clients only through the Hansen Literary Agency.


  1. January8/2009

    The Hansen LIterary Agency

    I have a book to deal announce.

    The Son of Christ: The New Millennium project on Offer

    Rights Offering: All up for discussing
    call: (705) 222-3888
    [email protected]
    New Year’s Coffee Table ensemble

    I am presenting my livre to the Community.
    For a sneak peek of my book check out my blog:
    Interested agents inquiring about this book may contact me.

    Letter of Introduction

    Darryl Goudreau. Is a vibrant member of our Community living in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I attended York university in my early twenties. This is when I started taking my writing seriously. I am a founder of several Organizations. White Castle in The Sky, is my latest Project. Organizing an Executive team of Business leaders comprised of women in our Community. Creating an opportunity for them to open and successfully run their own business. Our Organization will help facilitate this Agenda. The more productive women, will be asked to join our Organization and given Executive roles. As a result, many Women within our Community will receive high paying work. This is our mandate. The way that our Organizations are operated and how our Businesses are run. This is our Vision.


  2. I am a literary agent and a publisher is interested in Crumb’s The Book of Genesis illustrated. Would you kindly let me know whether the Japanese translation rights are still available or not? If you don’t handle it, let me know who does.