Anime bigger than sex?

Compete looks at what people are searching for in Wikipedia, and the results may surprise you: Anime (26%) There is a tremendous amount of interest in learning about Pokemon and Naruto. Perhaps these are parents who want to know what their kids are going crazy over. My Mom didn’t know what “He-Man” was until I […]

Chinese nab “French Spiderman” in Shanghai

A daring adventurer who bills himself as Spiderman and attempts to climb the world’s most distinctive structures has been detained by Chinese authorities.: Intrepid climber Alain Robert, nicknamed the “French Spiderman”, has been jailed for five days after scaling China’s tallest building, police and French officials said Friday.Robert’s climb up Shanghai’s 430-metre (1,420-feet) Jin Mao […]

Will this Heroes for Hire thing never end?

Speaking of Newsarama, in last week’s Joe Fridays, there’s yet more about the Heroes for Hentai cover: NRAMA: Ahem… So to quickly follow-up on last week’s pot-stirring topic… Despite your (Marvel’s) intentions or lack thereof in regards to the now infamous Heroes for Hire #13 cover, which last week you made clear was not or […]

More on Marvels new Indie Anthology

Word is getting out about Marvel’s planned indie anthology, and editor Aubrey Sitterson has a bit more at Newsarama: Aubrey Sitterson: Indy Anthology is definitely the most accurate term you could use to describe the book. It’s going to be a five-issue limited series (we’re still hammering out what its name will be), with an […]

Industry Issues — UPDATE

UPDATED: Just to put this in perspective ICv2 posted Diamond’s annual sales figures Diamond Comic Distributors has released its annual sales figures, reporting that in 2006 Diamond Comic Distributors as a whole (including Alliance and Diamond UK) had gross sales of over $350 million — and Diamond estimates that the 3,500 comic specialty stores it […]